Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Nadya Suleman Has A Moral Obligation to do a Reality Show

At something called Associated Content there is an hilariously smug and self-righteous article (by someone calling him- or herself "saul relative") about Nadya Suleman, "The OctoMom" allegedly getting her own reality show.

According to Kim Serafin, senior editor at In Touch Weekly, who appeared on HLN's "Issues," Nadya Suleman's reality show will chronicle the lives of the OctoMom and her 14 children 24/7. But this reality show comes with a twist. They will also be following Nadya Suleman as she attempts to find a person to have a relationship with. As Serafin explained, it would be a cross between "Jon & Kate Plus 8" and "The Bachelor."

That sounds like a genius idea to me. Relationship reality has been done, as has Large family reality. The new twist shows creativity and a concern for the desires of the audience, always on the lookout for something different.

What makes the OctoMom's actual reality show particularly newsworthy is her abject hypocrisy with regard to it. Although she has obviously been maneuvering toward a reality show of some sort since the octuplets were born (and many believe is the sole reason for having the octuplets to begin with), she has denied any such inclination.

Well, if many believe the sole reason for her having more children (how could she plan on OCTUPLETS? She took fertility treatments I understand, but how could she have planned on them being so wildly successful?) was to get a reality show then they must be correct. Because it just seems so obvious. It could be that she just changed her mind when she saw her new circumstances. Changing your mind about something you've come out against so publicly takes real courage.

I have no idea why Nadya Suleman chose to exercise her reproductive rights in such a way as to have ever more children, but she did and she's now got 14 total and that is pretty damned interesting. How does one woman handle that? What is her love life like? Aren't you the least bit interested?

Most reality show participants are dullsville. For every Richard Hatch there are hundreds of Vecepias. We've gotten to the point where there are so many cable channels with so many reality shows that they're putting people on who are so forgettable that frankly I can't even remember any of them to cite examples. Which only proves my point. Nadya Suleman is not dullsville.

Whether she likes it or not, she has a moral obligation to appear on this (alleged) reality series. Not only for the sake of raising money for her children and having cameras around all the time to ensure they're properly cared for, but for us, the audience who will watch it. This is new, different, exciting, exotic, and yes downright weird. So why not have cameras filming her every move?

And why not have some favorite reality show contestants compete for her love? Frank the Entertainer could take on Tailor Made once again. White Boy vs. Real. Is Rupert from Survivor single? He'd make a great father to 14 little munchkins.

My point is, this a real opportunity for literally everyone in the entire world. To not take advantage would be immoral.

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