Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New York Times Spam Scam Emails

Dear New York Times,

I noticed recently that you've done articles in which you report that spam accounts for 94% of all emails, and that spam emails contribute to global warming.

But did you realize you're part of the problem?

Over the last few days, I've had articles emailed to me from people I don't know, often from Nigeria or some other exotic locale, with messages addressed to me about some exciting business opportunity, often having nothing to do with the forwarded article. Case in point:

From: Mr. Douglas Green The Manager Accounting and Operations Unit, HSBC Private Bank ( UK ) Limited, United Kingdom. Dear Friend, I am Mr. Douglas Green, The Manager of Accounting and Operations Unit, (HSBC Private Bank (UK) Limited).Am contacting you through this medium for an urgent beneficial transaction. I have the opportunity of transferring Four Million Two Hundred Thousand British Pounds Sterling from an account that belongs to one of our customer's from the United States of America who died long ago in heart related disease. Nobody has come for the funds as the deceased was residing permanently here in the United Kingdom . The bank will be transferring the funds Into the Bank treasury as an unclaimed fund by the end of this year as stipulated by the banking law over such account that lingers dormant for more than five years. I want to hearing from you so that I can file an application of claim in your name with the in formations of the deceased and the account as the benefited beneficiary of the account. Please this is supposed to take us only few bank working days to conclude on the transfer for I have put everything in place before contacting you and there is no risk. Thanks yours sincerely Mr. Douglas Green

This message was attached to an article from your newspaper regarding fighting between the government of Pakistan and the Taliban.

I sincerely hope you'll do something to help limit your carbon footprint, and I appreciate your prompt attention to this matter.


PS: Screenshot of the email below. I can't resist, after noticing the name of the author of the forwarded article, that the spammers have a "lotta gall" to use your newspaper in such a nefarious way! Am I right? Huh?

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