Thursday, April 2, 2009

One of the Worst Gifts I Ever Gave Anyone

Reading about the recent gift exchanges between the Obamas and the Queen and Prime Minister in England got me thinking about my own bad gift choices.

Many years ago, on Valentine's Day, I sneaked into the apartment of my girlfriend and left a trail of rose petals leading from her front door to her bedroom. When she arrived home from work, she found me nude, laying on her bed, my body smeared in chocolate. The "smeared in chocolate" part was accidental- she was late getting home from work and I got bored and hungry, so I ate a box of brownies, and I'm a fairly sloppy eater.

I thought that she would believe my gesture was "romantic," but she was having her period and not in the mood, and if I paid more attention to her I would have known that. Later that night, I got a stomach ache from the brownies.

My point is, everyone makes mistakes. I think that was my point.

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