Wednesday, April 15, 2009

RE: Rock of Love Ratings- Just How "Doughy" is Bret Michaels, Anyway?

Over at a TV ratings blog called "The Live Feed," they've got a post about "Rock of Love Bus" finale ratings.

>> The third-season finale of Rock of Love hit a series high for VH1, drawing 3.2 million viewers Sunday night, and ranked as the top-rated show on cable in the adult demo -- 1.9 rating.

Let's pause to appreciate this.

Doughy Bret Michaels making out with inexplicably eager rocker chicks kicked Sarah Connor's butt this week in the adult demo. It also beat Kings, Dollhouse, Friday Night Lights, Samantha Who and everything on the CW. Most of these broadcast shows still top Rock in total viewers, but that's not the number they're all fighting over. (VH1's Tough Love also hit a series high with 2.5 million viewers and a 1.5 rating).

Such snark! Can you believe that Rock of Love Bus beat a bunch of shows that I've never even heard of? I guess civilization's in irrevocable decline. Never mind that Rock of Love Bus is vastly entertaining, and the season finale turned out to be one of the most important moments in recent pop culture history. Oh, no, let's all pause a moment to lament the fact that a bunch of shows I like but that no one else seems to can't beat a mothereffing VH1 reality show.

And what's with this "Doughy Bret Michaels"? tells us that the word "doughy" means

of or like dough, esp. in being soft and heavy or pallid and flabby: a doughy consistency; a fat, doughy face.

Bret Michaels is a 46 year-old diabetic man who has been a touring rock star since 1983. I'm sorry if he doesn't meet the author's obviously stringent requirements for firmness.

He goes on to say that the contestants for Bret Michaels' affections are "inexplicably eager rocker chicks." There's nothing "inexplicable" about the "eagerness" of these "rocker chicks." They're eager because (a) they're on television, and (b) they're allowed the opportunity to make out with Bret Michaels. Only someone who did not watch the show- apparently this guy was too busy watching something I've never heard of called "Kings"- wouldn't understand that.

Perhaps he should watch before criticizing?

I am disappointed by the "Tough Love" number, however. That show is just trashy.

Bret Michaels: It depends on what your definition of "doughy" is, I guess.

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A.Jaye said...

That show should have been cancelled after A-Bomb left.

I await Charm School.