Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bronze Age Comics Cover of the Day: Spoof Issue 2

In the 1970s, Marvel ruled the comics world with their hilarious "humor" comics. Who can forget "Crazy" comics, and later, "Crazy" magazine (which featured an issue that contained 7 blank pages for readers to fill in with their own "crazy" comic)? Plus, I think there were others. Anyway, today's Bronze Age cover of the day is a certifiable classic from 1972, the second issue of Marvel's "Spoof," a comic which purported to celebrate nothing less than "The Lunatic Side of Life." The cover features, in the top left corner, an image of what appears to be a teenage Charlie Brown putting the moves on a teenage Nancy. Hilarious. The primary image shows parody versions of the characters from "All in the Family" being met at their door by two hippies; one black, one white, both hilarious.

"We gettin' it together fo' the cause, whitey!"

"Hey, dig 'em, man! Like-- they're our kind'a cats!"

I do not know if there was a third issue.

*Full disclosure: The cover appears to have been rendered by the great John Severin (he illustrated a story in this issue called "Tarz an' The Apes!"), who ennobled a few stupid articles that I wrote over at "Cracked" magazine many years ago and, of course, was one of the original "Mad" artists. He is a genuine talent and a real gentleman.

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