Monday, May 4, 2009

Exclusive! Final Exam Questions-- and Answers!


Question 1: Explain the significance of “the epilogue.”

Question 2: Lord Highbrower- male or female?

Question 3: In Chapter 29, Evermore declares that “all has passed before, the eggs as the omelet emoting so, and forever carried.” Does this statement make sense?

Question 4: The symbolism of the jeweled amulet.

Question 5: When Terryfeather locks himself in the closet, why does Moribund strike him?

Question 6: Explain the moral implications of Bastardino’s decision to let the children die.

Question 7: Everyone believed that Mrs. Merryjowls was in the next room, composing a letter to her cousin in Slopshire. Where was she, really?

Question 8: How devastating was it for Winky that his invention did not work?

Question 9: Should Astor have used more discretion when dealing with Lady Montshire? If not, why not?

Question 10: Assuming Montebank’s cheque clears, what will happen to the donkeys of Montgomery?


Answer to Question 1: It comes at the end.

Answer to Question 2: Lord Highbrower is a fictional character.

Answer to Question 3: Only in this context.

Answer to Question 4: This is not a question.

Answer to Question 5: The closet symbolically represents Moribund’s wife’s vagina. By locking himself in the closet, he was symbolically sleeping with his wife.

Answer to Question 6: There are none.

Answer to Question 7: She was in Slopshire, composing a letter to her cousin in the next room.

Answer to Question 8: As Winky himself states, it was “quite devastating indeed” (p. 853)

Answer to Question 9: Astor should not have used more discretion when dealing with Lady Montshire, because Lady Montshire used no discretion when dealing with Xaviander.

Answer to Question 10: Montebank’s cheque does not clear. A starving Lady Montgomery is forced to eat the donkeys.

If you've done your reading, the final exam should be no problem.

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