Monday, May 18, 2009

Wolfram/Alpha Doesn't Know What to do With Me

Wolfram/Alpha, the super cool new search engine excuse me "computational knowledge engine" went live recently. It's supposed to be this big deal hot new thing, so naturally I had to check it out for myself. By searching for my name.

When I google my name, I get all kinds of stuff. But this hot to trot Wolfram/Alpha doesn't even know what to do with my input.


I tried just searching for my first name and got a little more:

Just over 202,000 people are burdened with my first name. Lucky them. Lucky us!

How about "Sprague"?

22,283 people named Sprague? Really? I wonder how many of those I'm related to? More important, how many of those people would admit to being related to me?

My point is, thus far, Wolfram/Alpha has been a huge disappointment to my ego.

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