Thursday, June 25, 2009

Leave the "Yellow Rose Boy" Alone!

When popular film actress Megan Fox was at the London premiere of the movie "Transformers 2: Revenge of the First Movie," an enterprising person somehow got past security and attempted to present her with a yellow rose.

For all we know, the rose was covered in sweet-smelling poison.

For all we know, the rose was covered in innocent romantic longing.

Either way, Ms. Fox swatted this person away as she brushed past with the security that should have tackled the kid before getting close enough to do any real damage.

The slight was captured by a camera in a photo that has "rocked" the "internet":

For whatever reason, the "Yellow Rose Boy" has gone into hiding. Except, Kodak is offering someone a $5,000 reward for information about his identity:

In an attempt to foster a new relationship with two amazing people, Kodak urges the "Rose Boy" to come forward and identify himself so that the company can help arrange a real rose exchange. To help accelerate his prompt identification, Kodak will offer $5,000 to the first person who can provide verifiable information that enables Kodak to make this connection happen. Kodak will also cover travel costs for the young man and his family to help allow destiny to take its course, and provide cameras for him to capture the moment.

(Italics added.)

Kodak isn't offering the $5K to the Yellow Rose Boy- they're offering it to anyone who rats him out. Hasn't this kid suffered enough? The picture's been all over the internet since this happened on June 16. Now this person has got to contend with acquaintances and family members (no doubt hard-hit by the recession) who might need a little extra scratch contacting Kodak and giving them the street address.

Leave the "Yellow Rose Boy" Alone!

And, for that matter, leave Megan Fox alone- she's got a bunch of comic book film adaptations to make.


shampoo said...

I guess you've heard that some friend on facebook ratted him out, but somehow the death of michael jackson has prevented him from meeting the elusive ms. fox. personally i'd feel a bit strange about ratting out a kid, reward or no reward. i'm not rich, but... I doubt this 20 yr. old on facebook is poor.

Ricky Sprague said...

Yeah- some friend!

To anyone I know on facebook who wishes to remain anonymous, I promise not to give out your facebook address information.