Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Polishing My Snark: Some Recent Protests/Riots of Distinction

This is my second attempt at Polishing My Snark. My previous attempt met with limited success, and I'm hoping this one will be slightly better. In this article, I've moved away from the world of Fine Art and plunged headlong into the tumultuous world of protests and riots. Wish me luck.

Over the last few days, people all over the world have made known their feelings on important subjects by gathering together to protest and/or riot. Below are images from a few of these gatherings:

(1) The riot in downtown Los Angeles, to celebrate the all-important victory by the Los Angeles Lakers in the big National Basketball Association championship series.

Eyewitness reports said that the police officers at the scene were being belted with rocks and bottles. There are also reports of fans starting fires, although it isn’t clear at this stage whether those fires included buildings or vehicles. One unconfirmed report says that at least one police vehicle has been set on fire.

Snark Remark: Let's just hope someone from Los Angeles doesn't win something that actually matters, like a chess tournament.

(2) The protest outside the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City, to call for the firing of David Letterman over his tasteless joke about the daughter(s) of a political figure named Sarah Palin.

The demonstration came hours after Palin accepted Letterman's Monday night apology for what he described as "a bad joke ... a joke that was beyond flawed."

Snark Remark: Palin must be suffering from the "being-the-butt-of-a-late-night-host-joke" equivalent of Stockholm Syndrome. Good thing these protesters are looking out for her.

(3) Also in New York, a group of citizens gathered to protest the killing of geese near airports, to prevent them flying into airplanes and causing crashes.

The authorities announced the plan to kill the geese on Thursday, in response to the bird strike that resulted in the nearly disastrous ditching of US Airways Flight 1549 in the Hudson River in January. The first 100 geese were killed on Monday.

The protesters asserted that the geese culling was both inhumane and ineffective.

Snark Remark: If the geese were caught, and used to make delicious foie gras, would the protesters feel better?

(4) In Iran, citizens are protesting a recent presidential election that many think was fixed.

Some videos showed people being beaten by riot police, and other clips claimed to document the wreckage left behind after a military raid on a dorm at the University of Tehran.

There were several videos purportedly showing a protestor shot dead during massive street protests in Tehran on Monday.

Snark Remark: These people in Iran need some perspective. Don't they have some late night television hosts, geese culling, and professional sports team victories to riot about?

Analysis: I think it's safe to say I haven't quite got the hang of this "snark" thing, and I need to do some more polishing.

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