Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bad News for Myspace: The End is Coming Soon

Recently, facebook surpassed myspace in unique visitors:

Facebook pulled in 70.278 million unique visitors in the states, compared to MySpace's 70.237 million, according to data released by ComScore. That made Facebook the most popular site in the U.S., in terms of visitors. Just a month earlier, Facebook had a little over 67 million U.S. visitors behind MySpace's 70.9 million.
Worldwide, Facebook continued its wide lead over the News Corp.-owned MySpace. In May, Facebook had more than 307 million users, compared to MySpace's 123 million.

As myspace loses its "coolness" with the "kids" (and by kids I mean "teens (13-17) and young (26-34) to middle-age (35-44) professionals") and they switch over to facebook, myspace will be on an unstoppable downward trajectory.

And myspace will go the way of friendster. As I've already written here, I still have a friendster account. But it seems that the only people actively using the friendster service are those who run "dating" websites.

I get a lot of messages from women who "just saw your profile and i think you look cute. wanna party?" But not many of my "friends" use it anymore.

They moved to myspace. So did I.

Now, we've moved to facebook. Also, twitter.

A couple of days ago, I received the ultimate confirmation of myspace's impending demise. A spam email from a sexy woman who wants to "connect" with me:

It's only a matter of time- the end is coming for myspace. Will it even be around by the end of the year?

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