Monday, July 20, 2009

Charm School 3 Clip Show Conspiracy Theory

VH1 had the new Charm School "highlight"/clip show scheduled to air today at 10 AM, but it has since been pulled, and replaced by last week's "Daisy of Love." The change was made so surreptitiously that even my TiVo didn't know of the switch until the show was about one-third of the way through.

The show is still on the schedule for prime time.

But why the switch from this morning?

The answer is that there are NO HIGHLIGHTS from this season of "Charm School." It's been a train wreck from the beginning. Condensing the entire mess into one single hour is going to put this fact into stark perspective. From the hosts' disastrous decisions to the contestants' behavior, nothing good can come from a clip show.

Ricki Lake knows this, and it's why she had the episode pulled. At least, that is my conspiracy theory.

The producers are contractually obligated to deliver to VH1 a certain number of episodes, so the clip show will probably air- but expect it to be far different from what would have aired, this morning. Of course, we won't know that because we'll never get to see the first cut. So I have no way of proving this. But, as I've said before, you don't need proof for a conspiracy theory. That's why it's a "theory."

In this photo, Charm School 3 host Ricki Lake rubs her hands together like a silent movie villain.

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A.Jaye said...

Halfway through the DoL clip show I went back to staring at my eyelids - with no commercial breaks.

shampoo said...

maybe there were some extra scenes in the hang your (fake) boobs section where ricki quizzed the blondetourage. hehe I haven't seen this yet. (sniff) I remember how excited I was before most of the cast went splitsville.

shampoo said...

hang your boobs out... having trouble with my farrah french.

shampoo said...

I have seen this now. no wonder ashley is so skinny. she can't open any of the food. so next time we get to see her little boy...

it looked like some of the girls who left so early could have really added to the series. the walkout situations should've been sorted out immediately. I know ricki and the deans are incapable of sorting even their own laundry, but the producers could have done something. beverly, kiki, and gia were enough to lose so quickly.