Thursday, July 2, 2009

Charm School 3 Episode 7: Selfish

So KO did leave. Stryker tried to talk her out of it, but Stryker was unable to convince her that she shouldn't give up her chance at $100K. That Stryker is one compelling individual, clearly.

KO couldn't stand being called a liar, even though she is a liar, and quite transparently so. She tearfully reads a note she had prepared for Ricki, in which she reads (because, otherwise we the viewers might not have gotten a chance to know of its selfless contents) that it was "an honor to be here at Charm School to learn... and I hope some day I can be like you and inspire girls the way you have inspired me. Thank you."

Baybaybay is in disbelief. Here she was all set to be "selfless," and KO is ruining everything. Risky, also up for expulsion, isn't much better, pointing out that everything KO's been through, she has been through. But she doesn't want anyone to pity her.

Risky needs to be careful when calling Ricki out on her hypocrisy. She does it a couple of times in this episode, and if Ricki ever actually wises up, she might become offended by that "realness" and "rawness".

That of course is Risky's problem. You have to go for pity on this show. You have to "open up" about all the misery of your life. Remember Natasha got eliminated for not wallowing. Remember that Risky herself almost go eliminated for the same reason.

Risky is so mad she's crying, and now Ricki is moved, because she is so superficial she can only feel "empathy" for someone if they're crying. "I am completely moved by Risky's speech. She's being so raw and real."

Because she's mad, and she's crying. Those things Ricki can understand.

Ricki decides to take over more control, doing away with "detention" and leaving the matter of expulsion completely with herself and the deans, La La and Stryker. Can the show get any worse?

Yes, it can. This is the worst VH1 reality competition show of all time, worse even than Daisy of Love, and it is going to get even worse.

In the Lecture Hall, Stryker informs the "girls" that the commandment this week is "Thou Shalt Make Love, Not War." That's fine, I guess, but it has absolutely nothing to do with anything the "girls" "learn" this week.

Sometimes it's as if the show is put together by two rival committees working in different rooms, with no contact with one another. The producers then take everything from room A and combine with everything from room B, and mix.

Upon hearing the commandment, Brittanya interviews that she thinks Stryker is "hot." Either she has been stuck in that "school" so long that she has lost all perspective, or she is brown-nosing, because there is no way no how that doofus is "hot." As far as I'm concerned, Brittanya's comments are an expellable offense.

Brittanya thinks this thing is "hot." It is not.

Stryker introduces a couple of men from The Museum of Tolerance, Matthew Boger and Tim Zaal.

Zaal says "the best way to describe myself is I'm a former racist; skinhead." That might be true if you're living in the past- should the best way to describe yourself be in reference to what you once were? Assuming, of course, you've left all that behind, maybe the best way to describe yourself is "recovering racist".

Anyway, Zaal used to get together with his Nazi punk friends and beat people up. He kept razors in his boots for the purpose, displaying a level of commitment that Bubbles has trouble with: "No matter how much I hate somebody, I would never put razors in my boots to hurt them." Try to imagine any of the "girls" ruining a perfectly good pair of shoes like that.

It turns out that Boger was one of Zaal's victims, who was stomped brutally outside a hamburger stand on Santa Monica Blvd. Poor Boger was homeless at the time, because his mother kicked him out of the house for being gay.

Later, Boger starts working at the Museum of Tolerance, and who is working there as a consultant? None other than "former racist; skinhead" Zaal.

Mixed Signals: Read what is written on the chalk board. "Love overcomes compassion, tolerance, forgiveness." What does that mean? That you need love to overcome compassion? Love trumps tolerance? Love fraks forgiveness? Or is it actually just empty platitudes?

I would like to know, and I think this important: Was Zaal punished by the law for his actions? Why was he working as a "consultant" for the Museum? Was it community service? What evidence do we have that Zaal's transformation was genuine? I am an optimist and I believe that anyone can change, but watching Charm School has made me cynical about peoples' motives.

Boger says that he forgives Zaal, which is more important than any punishment he might have gotten from the law: "Forgiveness is not letting them off the hook, but regaining your power. When you forgive, it lets you gain back what they took from you. Otherwise, they continue to hold that power over you."

To which Ashley sensibly responds: "If somebody kicked my ass with razor blades I don't think I would ever forgive them."

Ever-sensitive Stryker can't help but notice that Baybaybay looks disturbed, and asks her, leadingly, if KO is on her mind? Baybaybay has been so cowed and manipulated by Charm School that she starts to cry and tells him she feels bad. "I'm sitting in the spot she should be sitting."

Ashley, points out the hypocrisy of the show: "It's hard for me to feel compassion for all these girls because this is still a competition and there's still $100,000 on the line."

Stryker, compassionately, sets up a meeting with himself, Ricki, and Baybaybay. Baybaybay says that she still feels that KO deserves to be there more than she does. "She has serious issues... something happened to her... I feel like I've come so far... I feel like my journey has ended."

Ricki: "You realize you're passing up the opportunity to win $100,000?" No, Ricki, she is not. You yourself have already said there's nothing more she can learn. She knows she has no shot at the money because you have told her as much. She "doesn't need Charm School," remember?

You put her in this position. She's leaving anyway, so her leaving has to be as meaningful as she can make it.

Stryker and Ricki team up against Baybaybay. Their collective manipulative powers are too much for her.

Baybaybay: "I can't be selfish."

Baybaybay is starting to sound smug, but she's going to get worse.

Stryker asks, What if you could bring someone else besides KO back?

Baybaybay says she would bring back Kiki, but it's a toss up. Both have serious faults. Both are irritating in their own ways, and both are equally deserving of coming back (i.e., not deserving at all).

Ricki wants to "empower" her, by letting her speak to both KO and to Kiki. She can choose which of the two to bring back, and take her place. "I really think the lesson on compassion and tolerance has had an effect on Baybaybay, and it makes me proud."

No, Ricki, she has learned nothing about compassion and tolerance. You have manipulated her into a position in which she is being selfish, not compassionate.

Anyway, the girls take everything they learned from the "former racist; skinhead" and the gay man he beat up, and clean dog shit.

I'm not joking. The "girls" are taken to something that was I believe called "Pet Orphans," where they are forced to show "compassion" and "empathy" for dogs by cleaning shit out of their cages.

Are the producers really equating dogs with gay men? Could they be that callous? Or are they just clueless?

Their cleaning style will be judged by the Pet Orphans crew. Risky points out that the cages are filthy, as the cages seem to full of shit that the dogs have been playing in.

Ashley learning empathy.

Who are these "Pet Orphans" people to judge the "empathy" of the Charm School "girls," when they don't even bother to keep the dog cages free of shit?

It turns out, they don't judge. Everyone's a winner today! The "girls" did a great job cleaning shit! Congratulations!

The real shit is to come, as Baybaybay is still struggling with her phony decision. Marcia says that if Baybaybay wants to leave that's fine, but why bring someone else back?

"Because I can't help the way I feel. I can't help my heart." She is egotistical and selfish, putting her own feelings above everyone else's, and thinking it's noble. She is Ricki's perfect student.

There's some more arguing before Baybaybay smugly calls all the "girls" for a meeting, where she announces that she is going to leave, and asks them who they think deserves another chance, KO or Kiki?

Risky: "Neither one of them deserve to come back.

Ashley: "I think Baybaybay thinks she's the new Mother Theresa of Charm School."

Risky: "What's the point of bringing someone back?"

Baybaybay: "To help them."

Risky: "We need help, too!...If that's the case, they should not have eliminated nobody."

Baybaybay condescendingly believes that the other "girls" haven't learned anything about compassion. No, Baybaybay- they just haven't been brainwashed the way you have. They are still playing by the rules.

Baybaybay uses all the manipulative techniques she's learned from Ricki to go after Marcia. "At least you know you're an alcoholic now," she says, helpfully.

Except Bubbles. Bubbles thinks what Baybaybay is doing is "very nice." If Baybaybay wasn't so far gone, she would realize that this is all the proof she needs that what she's doing is not nice at all. It's totally rotten.

She interviews both Kiki and KO. Kiki still believes her belligerence was just confidence misinterpreted. KO believes she's owed an apology for being called a liar.

Left out of all this is the fact that Ricki Lake is no "help" to anyone, and should be kept away from people at all costs. Kiki and KO are better off outside Charm School, despite the loss of the $100K.

It's all a big tease anyway. Selfish Baybaybay put the remaining students through an angry ordeal, and built up the hopes of both Kiki and KO, only to decide, selfishly, to not let either expelled student back in.

Risky: "Why did you put us through this?"

Baybaybay leaves, and good riddance. I was tired of typing her name (and I'm not sure if it's "Bay Bay Bay" or "Baybaybay;" I've seen it written both ways and I'm glad I don't have to worry about it anymore).

This show is terrible.

Without a word, Ashley tells you all you need to know about this rotten show.

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shampoo said...

Risky is right. If this show was about "helping" people it wouldn't be an elimination show. This would work better without some vapid bitch like Ricki. ANY girl that had been mentored by John Waters and Divine could have been funny in those roles. That's the only good thing she's ever done and she's gotten too much credit. If the director takes a special interest in you, you will do well in his movie.

I wonder if the one guy turned out to be gay himself. To go so overboard to beat up someone who never did anything to you is just weird especially since we're talking about a homeless kid. So, what "power" did that kid have that former racist guy decided how to be beat out of him? I could be totally wrong, of course.

If I was in Charm School I would see my days as watching people cry in the morning, spending the evening doing something I didn't want to do and reminding myself of the $100k.

A.Jaye said...

Bay3 - or 3Bay - you gotta give these people nicknames Ricky. That way you get to laugh at them even more. The chick though believes her own hype. That's a Ricky Lake V2 in the making. Now she's out there in the world with a loaded gun mentoring inner city 'yoot' and blessing them once they accept they're fcuk ups.

In a future right wing administration 3Bay will be minister for social services. She'll still have her loaded gun.