Tuesday, July 21, 2009

RE: Erin Andrews Peeping Tom and Moon Landing Videos

Is that headline merely a cheap and sleazy ploy to get the name "Erin Andrews" in a sentence with the word "moon"? Could be.

I am not much of a "sporting fan," or "fanatic," or "follower of sports," so I have only a vague idea of who "Erin Andrews" is. Apparently, however, she is a "sideline reporter" for a sporting events cable network called ESPN, and she travels the country, reporting on sports. Things like the baseball and the football. Sports bloggers are apparently quite fond of posting images of her doing her sideline reporting. Here are some of those images:

Sports fanboys appreciate her, and I am not one to judge them. If I were forced to watch a professional sporting event that consisted of a bunch of sweaty men bumping into one another and throwing balls around, I would want there to be an attractive woman to gaze upon now and then, myself.

But, the sports fanboy obsession with Ms. Andrews seems to have taken a rather sinister turn, with the surfacing of video showing her walking around in hotel rooms, nude. Now, TMZ is reporting that the video might have been "an inside job":

The videos raise the suspicion that the person who shot them may have been familiar with her work schedule and may have been traveling with her. Erin's people are on the hunt for the culprit.

So it's possible that the skeevy videographer was a co-worker of Ms. Andrews. Someone at this ESPN channel, possibly. (I think this is the network that MSNBC personality Keith Olbermann got his start.) The reason for this suspicion is that the video shows Ms. Andrews at two different hotels, in two different rooms. So this person is not just skeevy, but stupid.

And, what does this fascinating video feature?

In the first set of videos, Erin is naked, curling her hair while looking into a mirror. It appears all four clips are from the same video. In the second set of clips, Erin is also naked, ironing a pair of pants.

I realize there are some fetishists out there- but naked pants ironing? I don't care how physically attractive the woman is, I just don't see how that could be interesting.

The video was apparently widely available on the internet for a day or two- and, while it's still less widely available, you can probably find it if you're really interested. That video is out there now, and we're always going to be able to find it, if we really want.

Which brings me to my point about the moon landing tapes. Back in 2006, NASA admitted it lost original video of the 1969 moon landing. Or, they didn't lose the video- the tape on which the video was taken was reused.

The bad news is they were part of a batch of 200,000 tapes that were degaussed -- magnetically erased -- and re-used to save money.

Some other copies of the footage was found--

They found good copies in the archives of CBS news and some recordings called kinescopes found in film vaults at Johnson Space Center.

--so there's still some footage. But still, NASA's original video is gone. Erin Andrews' naked ironing video will never be gone. Neither will that photo of yourself drunk that you used as your facebook profile picture.

Also, on a related note: Mary Louise Parker ass.

Erin Andrews bottom pic source.
Erin Andrews breezy hair pic source.
Erin Andrews arms stretched pic source.

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shampoo said...

I had the video of erin pop up as an option on a site not at all devoted to such things. I wondered what that was all about. I didn't watch it, but you're not kidding about it being "widely distributed."

erin must've mentioned that she likes to wander around naked when she's alone because not everyone does this, especially not in hotel rooms. not blaming her, but rather agreeing it's probably someone who was around her a lot.

I have wondered if the whole "fake moon landing" conspiracy started because this isn't the first time nasa lost something. but I believe the moon landing really happened and most pictures are, or were, real. all the ones i've ever seen I think were real anyway.