Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Short Story About Love Based on a Couple I Saw During My Recent Trip to Chicago

There was a time when certain of his habits had repulsed her, and she'd fought against them. He would scratch at some private area, such as his crotch, or go digging in his nose or armpit, then make a movement in her direction. She would scold him.

"That's gross," she would say.

He would apologize, and wash his hands.

Soon, he stopped washing his hands. Then, he stopped apologizing. Eventually- perhaps around the time she started to wear knee-high hose- she came to realize that scolding him was just a waste of breath that could be used for other purposes, such as breathing.

Today, she saw him place his finger in his ear, and vigorously scratch. In anticipation, she said, "Gimme," and opened her mouth, her tongue slowly moving over her bottom lip.

He removed the finger from his ear, the tip covered with a dark yellow film of wax, and placed it against her tongue.

They understood that true love was experienced only when you found everything about your partner delicious. And they felt sorry for anyone who did not recognize this.

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shampoo said...

omg! gross! yuckity yuck yuck! (shudder) I always HATED those love is comics so props on that.