Sunday, August 23, 2009

Does Dog the Bounty Hunter Read My Blog? And, Why is He Just Giving Away His Fugitive Search Strategy?

Thanks to the ever-vigilant AJaye over at the indispensable Thrill Fiction blog for giving me the head's up about this story, from The Edmonton Sun. As the headline and subhead put it,

Dog the Bounty Hunter ready to join manhunt
Celebrity manhunter would track Ryan Jenkins on foot

Of course I suggested this in an entry on this very blog on Thursday.

But back to the Edmonton Sun:

The case of a celebrity fugitive wanted for murder has captured the attention of television's most famous bounty hunter who is ready and willing to join the manhunt.

Duane Chapman, better known as Dog the Bounty Hunter who tracks down bad guys on his hit TV show, said if asked by Canadian authorities, he would join the search for Calgary realtor turned reality show contestant Ryan Jenkins, who is wanted for the murder of his wife, model Jasmine Fiore.

"If he is across the border and I am asked by legal law enforcement agencies to help out ... Dog and A&E are on their way," Chapman said yesterday.

This proves two things. The first thing is that I have my finger firmly on the pulse of the zeitgeist. The second thing is that Dog the Bounty Hunter doesn't mind using a reality show related tragedy to get his name in the headlines. No, I am not being judgmental; I don't blame him in the least. After all, I used his name in my blog entry on the subject.

But I will tsk-tsk Dog for giving away his search strategy:

Chapman said if he was on the hunt, he would go on foot to where Jenkins was last seen at the same time of day and ask passing cars who drive the route every day if they saw him.

Dog, come on- they're not going to call you if they can just read what you would do in a newspaper. And in a newspaper published in the very country to which the subject of the manhunt has escaped! If you're going to say these things, tell an Australian newspaper.

But Dog doesn't stop there:

Chapman suspects because Jenkins is well educated and wealthy, he is likely laying low in someone's home or a barn, and has the capability of disguising himself while on the run.

Dog, you're talking yourself out of an A&E special event. Really, now the Canadian police know to search homes and barns for someone who might be in disguise.

And, when they find Ryan Jenkins in a home or a barn, and disguised, you will have to call reporters to take your share of credit. Do you really think the Canadian police will acknowledge your help?

You'd think Dog would be more media savvy than to give away his fugitive search strategy the way he did.

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A.Jaye said...

Hey man.

You acknowledge me in a way the mounties wouldn't ackowledge Dog.

If i were them I wouldn't let that sack of trash across the border.

Anonymous said...
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