Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"Feigning" Mental Disabilities

According to a CBS News blog posting, a woman in Florida was hired by a man pretending to suffer from mental disabilities and in need of a caretaker to change his diapers.

A Florida woman was duped into changing diapers and bottle feeding a man she met through Craigslist who feigned mental disabilities.

The story is light on details. For instance, where were these services rendered- his house or hers? What was involved in the "changing diapers"? What was in the bottle she fed him? How old was the man who pretended to have the mental disabilities?

[Janet] Schulte says the worst thing is that authorities can't go after the man because he appears not to have committed any crime. Though the man lied, he typically paid the agreed $600 weekly for her services.

I for one am glad that it's not a crime to pretend to have mental disabilities. Certain comedic actors would be in jail if that were the case. But this does raise an interesting question. Is a grown man's enjoyment of wearing a diaper and being bottle fed so far outside the norms of society that it in itself constitutes a "mental disability"? By placing the ad on craigslist and paying someone $600 a week to satisfy this need, was he in effect validating the "lie"?

Batman wears a diaper in public. Some have argued that Batman suffers from mental disabilities; but never to his face.

Batman pic source.


shampoo said...

in an episode of "reno 911" trudi goes to help out a disabled man (as part of some sheriff's department program). she stupidly goes to the wrong house, bursts in and tells a guy she's there to take care of him. so he lets her. she gives him a bath, does his laundry, hand feeds him, and reads him stories from his porn mags.

I guarantee that is where the craig's lister got the idea. haha

Lucydex said...

This just goes to show that one should never take the internet too seriously. I mean, Craigslit is full of freaks.

Ricky Sprague said...

Lucydex, the WORLD is full of freaks. With that in mind, I have a policy about changing diapers that has served me well throughout my life: only change the diapers of close relatives whose medical condition is well known to me, and whose medical records I have examined. Also, try not to have children.

shampoo, I am a great fan of "Reno 911," and I did think of that episode when I read this story. By the way, have you read the sad news that "Reno 911" has been cancelled?

shampoo said...

"reno 911" cancelled?! how awful. although comedy central liked to make it as difficult as possible to watch, the dvds were reasonably priced. how sad. that show is so funny.