Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Few Thoughts on the Disaster that Was "Megan Wants a Millionaire"

VH1 let you down, Megan. Your show is worse than Daisy's.

One of my most favorite readers made a suggestion that puts VH1 producers to shame. Why not have seven millionaires and seven non-millionaires compete for Megan's affections? And not tell her which are the millionaires, and which are the non millionaires (sort of a nod to the classic "Joe Millionaire").

Megan was one of VH1's best characters, but her new show is an absolute nightmare- at least the first episode. She's been muzzled and neutered. Let her connive. Let her sneak. And let her try to figure out which of the men she needs to grovel, which asses she needs to kiss. Suppose she falls for one of the non millionaires? Will she stay with him, or will she dump him for someone with money? Let's see the Megan of "I Love Money," or "Charm School," not the Megan of "Rock of Love."

Producers have either given up, or they've decided to sabotage their "stars."

I realize it's too late now, and all the episodes have been filmed, but if VH1 producers have any sense at all, they will pull the show and start over. I am serious; this is a total mess, and if it doesn't improve, and quickly, no one will be watching in three weeks.

And it's Megan Hauserman for crying out loud.

Also: The butler. Was he tacked on after the episodes were already filmed? He was supposed to be the snarky blogger voice, I suppose, in an attempt to short circuit the recaps that are done on the internet. But he was both obtrusive and supremely unclever. It was like watching the show with your fake British cousin who thinks he's the funniest guy in the room and just won't shut up. Was he supposed to be funny? If you're not going to be as funny as me, then don't bother. If you're not as funny as most of the other recappers, then don't bother.

It makes you look a bit pathetic, VH1.

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shampoo said...

I am hoping this episode was the way it was just because there were a lot on introductions to get through. but, the butler was just a bit odd.