Tuesday, August 25, 2009

RE: VH1 Cancels Ryan Jenkins Shows, And, How Thorough Was the Background Check Done on Him?

People is reporting that both "Megan Wants a Millionaire" and "I Love Money 3" have been cancelled by VH1. Not entirely unexpected, given the circumstances. But that's got to be a blow to both VH1 and to 51Minds. That is almost two full series that have been shot and paid for, that now cannot be aired.

I assume VH1 will package together some clips from the shows for a special on the whole sordid and tragic story, maybe some time next year, around when "I Love Money 3" was to air.

What's more interesting is this bit of information from the People article:

A former contestant on one of the shows tells PEOPLE that if producers knew Jenkins had any criminal background, they would not have put him on the show.

"We did give them lots of extensive background information," says the former contestant, who did not want to be identified. "They wanted to know my criminal history, social security numbers, multiple different times, and drivers' license numbers. They did a pretty thorough check on me and I've got to assume they did it for everybody else."

Emphasis added because, well, that doesn't really sound like such a thorough check to me. Maybe I'm misreading this, but he seems to be saying they asked him for his criminal history. Then they got his social security number(s? what?) "multiple different times" (again, What?), and driver's license number(s).

For the criminal history, he could say whatever he wanted.

For the social security numbers- do they even have those in Canada? And what would that check, anyway? His credit?

And what good would driver's license numbers do them? Could they check his traffic history?

I'm just a naive layman, so for all I know, they might have been able to use such information to do a thorough check on someone. Of course, they missed Jenkins' assault conviction.

Did Ryan Jenkins's background check consist of little more than asking him if he had a criminal history?

UPDATE @ 1:30 PM PST: Thanks to shampoo for alerting me to this in the comments. The casting director for "Megan Wants a Millionaire" stated that she cast Ryan because he hit on her. Radar online has video of her appearance on "Larry King Live," and you can watch it here, to get an even better idea of Jenkins's taste in women. (Warning: The Radar online site has an irritating red and white stripe pattern that might cause dizzyness.)

Stuart Brazell said Jenkins "was the ideal contestant for these shows. You want a big personality. You want loud. You want someone that's entertaining and that's going to cause conflict in the house. That's exactly what I looked for and that's what he was."

Brazell said she met Jenkins, a Canadian millionaire, on an escalator at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, where she was casting for the dating show, Megan Wants A Millionaire. The show aimed at matchmaking "trophy wife" Megan Hauserman to one in a group of more than a dozen wealthy bachelors.

Brazell said of Jenkins: "First person comes over, baby, baby, baby. He hit on me."

So, does Stuart Brazell work for 51Minds, or the "outside company" that did the background checks for them? If she's with 51 Minds, then, did she collect his social security etc numbers and pass them along to this "outside company," or did she get his contact information and pass it along to the "outside company"?

Was this appearance intended to clarify 51Minds' position? Did someone think that this would make them look better?

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shampoo said...

I read somewhere that the casting director chose ryan because he hit on (er... ahem, flirted with) her. like, she was in vegas and he was in vegas and he sauntered on up to her.

either that day or the next, he met jasmine and texted the casting director he'd met "the love of his life." you'd think just THAT would keep him off a dating show.

I think as long as the local p.d. hadn't run in and started clubbing him into submission, vh1/51 minds/whoevah were just glad to find a rich guy with a "big personality" who wanted to be on tv.

I am kind of surprised that ANYTHING about him checked out (his name, the fact he was rich).

Ricky Sprague said...

Thanks, shampoo. I found the information about Ryan hitting on the casting person.

The articles I found are poorly worded, and I had to read them a couple of times to get it, but I think that he met Jasmine Fiore during another trip to Vegas, after the Megan and ILM3 shows had already filmed.

Regardless, he did marry her within a day of meeting her.

shampoo said...

Ricky Sprague, you're welcome. :)

that makes more sense... that he met jasmine on another trip.