Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ryan Jenkins is Apparently no Longer on the Run

TMZ is reporting that "Megan Wants a Millionaire" contestant Ryan Jenkins killed himself in a motel room in Hope, B.C.

VH1's blog has a statement.

There’s not really much to add to that by way of commentary. Tragedy begets tragedy. Of course, our sympathy goes out to the friends and families of Jasmine Fiore and Ryan Jenkins, as it has for the past several days.

I actually don't have very much to add to that, myself- it's a decent enough statement for the VH1 blog for now. So here's a snapshot of a couple of that entry's comments:

UPDATE MONDAY around 11:00 AM PST: AJaye over at Thrill Fiction has a sober and well-written and researched examination of the case.

UPDATE MONDAY around 11:30 AM PST: The AP has a story in which the owner of the motel where Jenkins was found claims that a "mystery woman" checked him in.

Kevin Walker, who manages the Thunderbird Motel, said Jenkins and the mystery woman arrived Thursday in a Chrysler PT Cruiser with tinted windows and license plates from Alberta, Jenkins' home province. He stayed in the car while the woman checked them in, he said.

She was blonde, in her early 20s and "naturally pretty, one of those wholesome little ladies," he said.

Walker said the woman paid cash — 140 Canadian dollars ($130) — for three nights' stay.

"He stayed in the car far, far away from the front of the office," Walker said. "I didn't think nothing of it because it's just a couple checking in."

Walker said he never saw the woman or the car again.

First of all, $130 isn't much for three nights, and you've got to admire the way he worked their rates into the story.

Second, who was the "mystery woman"? The charismatic and charming man doubtless knew many women in the US and Canada, who might be willing to help him, for any reason. Perhaps she was a relative, or an ex girlfriend who was helping him to find a spot to clear his head, before he finally gave himself up, to clear up the whole misunderstanding.

Of course, we still do not know that Ryan Jenkins is guilty of the crime of which he's been accused. Perhaps he was an innocent man hounded to suicide by the police and the media. We can't say for sure yet.


shampoo said...

I wonder how close the cops actually were to him when he was found. I halfway wonder if the hotel employee had an escort armed with badges and an arrest warrant.

shampoo said...

I checked it out and found he'd been at the motel for days... unfortunately, the poor manager got quite a shock when he decided to do the "missed checkout" room check.

Gareth said...

Beauty is mysterious as well as terrible. God and devil are fighting there, and the battlefield is the heart of man.
Fyodor Dostoevsky

shampoo said...

the police have found the woman. she's not going to be publicly identified.