Thursday, August 20, 2009

Send in Dog the Bounty Hunter to Find Ryan Jenkins- Also: The Production Company's Sleazy Statement

TMZ is now reporting that "Megan Wants a Millionaire" contestant Ryan Jenkins is officially a suspect in the murder of his wife, Jasmine Fiore. There is now an arrest warrant:

"Count 1: On or about August 14, 2009, in violation of Section 187(a) of the Penal Code (MURDER), a FELONY, RYAN ALEXANDER JENKINS did unlawfully and with malice aforethought kill JASMINE FIORE, a human being."

TMZ covered the police press conference where some grisly facts were revealed. Apparently, the victim's teeth and fingers were removed. The police also think he made it to Canada, and might be running to daddy in Honduras.

Jenkins' dad, Dan -- an architect -- helped develop a resort on the island of Roatan. He's credited as the "developer, president and architect" of the project. A rep from SOSA Airline in Honduras tells us Dan owns a 19-seat private jet.

You know who wouldn't let him get away?

Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Remember, he went to Mexico and got convicted rapist Andrew Luster, and brought him back to the US when no one in the US or Mexican government could or would do anything about it.

Turn Dog loose, and let the cameras follow him.

Dog the Bounty Hunter isn't exactly my favorite person in the world, but do you really think he'd let Ryan get away?

Oh, and by the way- how did Ryan Jenkins, who'd been convicted of assaulting a girlfriend back in 2005- get past the production company's vetting process? TMZ (again!) has their statement:

51Minds was not aware of Ryan Jenkins' record when it cast him on "Megan Wants a Millionaire." Obviously, if the company had been given a full picture of his background, he would never have been allowed on the show.

The company did have in place what it thought was a thorough vetting process that involved complete background checks by an outside company for all contestants on its shows. Clearly, the process did not work properly in this case.

(emphasis added)

Clearly, the process did not work properly in this case is the reality show understatement of the year. Do you think, 51Minds? Really?

And they're now saying that some other, outside company, did their background checks for them! Obviously, if this other company had done it's job, we wouldn't have let this guy on our show- and we're just as shocked- shocked, I tell you!- as anyone that this happened! To be honest, we didn't even know who he was until someone at TMZ asked us for a statement.

That is at best stupid and at worst negligent. Really, if you're a production company that doing show after show in which you keep recycling the same "real people," don't you check them out yourself? They apparently did two shows with this guy.

I could understand if maybe you do only show with him. Maybe he only lasts an episode, like say Donald the movie producer. But seriously, you don't bother to check out a guy that gets recast in another of your shows?

Again: Really?

This is a guy you sent to Mexico to live in a house with maybe twenty other reality show contestants, and you don't go to the outside company that's doing your background checks and ask, So, can we take a look at his file?... Now, are you sure you got everything on him? Did you get all his criminal history?

Oh, you asked him about it, and he said he didn't have a criminal history? Well, did you check that for yourself?

Oh, you don't think he was lying about that, because he's got an honest face?

51Minds' statement is even more slippery than VH1's. You will of course remember that VH1, in their statement, pushed the blame to 51Minds.

Soon enough, the company that did background checks for 51Minds will be releasing a statement.

We, the company that did background checks for 51Minds, outsourced our background checking services to an outside temp agency. We believed the temps were doing a thorough job of vetting the show's contestants, but obviously there was a breakdown. Our hearts go out to the victim and her family.

And then where will the blame be shifted?

Dog the Bounty Hunter pic source.


Lucydex said...

Whether they want the bad press or not, they're all responsible for giving Ryan Jenkins camera time. I think it's pathetic how these big production companies pass on the blame to one another instead of acknowledging once and for all that they all screwed up. I hope the Fiore family is able to lay a big fat lawsuit on all of them.

Ricky Sprague said...

How many companies are there to sue now? Viacom, 51Minds, and the mysterious background check company.

But, what could her family sue them for?

shampoo said...

I don't know if jasmine's family can sue 51 minds et al, but i'll bet megan and the "millionaires" will be suing.

Ricky Sprague said...

I have been wondering about this, re: who could sue 51Minds. I'm sure they have some extremely ironclad language in their contracts. I have worked in a couple of offices and seen lots of different contracts, and the clauses can get extremely byzantine. I'm sure there's plenty of language in them about having no obligation to air the shows, no obligation to promote no obligation to etc.

But do the contracts make any representations about the physical and/or emotional safety of the cast? I guess it's possible that someone from the cast could say, "Being on the same show with this man has ruined my reputation, and 51Minds put me in a position of ridicule and left me traumatized," in which case, they might try to go after the producers.

I can't even remember now- did Megan kiss this man on any of the aired episodes? Ew. A jury might give her something for that.

I think the standard for not being allowed to talk about your experience on a show is 3 years after the airing of the last episode. It might be in 51Minds's best interests to waive that, and let at least some of the contestants cash in on their stories. As a goodwill gesture.

shampoo said...

I am not a lawyer, but I know that under certain circumstances some arguments can be made about reasonable expectations, etc. I think sometimes this doesn't happen because it's not worth people's while to try to fight a contract, but this situation is so severe that someone might try it. (shrug)

to me, poor jasmine looks like a megan substitute. especially in light of the fact that ryan met and married her so quickly after leaving the show. megan might be too busy thanking God that she is still alive to be worried about 51 minds.