Tuesday, August 18, 2009

So Garth the Plumber Didn't Write "Sex Mode"?

Via Reality Roll Call, Garth the Plumber, one of the stars of "Megan Wants a Millionaire," probably didn't write the song "Sex Mode."

Apparently, a rapper who calls himself Poverty wrote it in 2006. From a782008's YouTube page:

HE IS A FRAUD! The song was written and recorded by an artist known as Poverty who is a rapper. His myspace is myspace.com/poverty. He was a song writer for crazytown. He wrote rock songs and rap songs and that was his voice on the track when Garth was singing over it. Garth used to hang around Poverty a lot back in the day and he asked for a copy of the song saying "he liked it." then 3 years later he is brazenly singing over his voice on national TV and claiming the song is his.

I actually kind of like the song.

But this is interesting. Garth the Plumber used to hang around with Poverty and crazytown (if you follow the link to Reality Roll Call, you will see a clip of Garth the Plumber singing "Sex Mode" to Mary Carey on "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew" [he was in the treatment center visiting Shifty from crazytown]). I guess I'm still naive, but I thought that Garth the Plumber was, well, just some plumber who auditioned for Megan's show because he was interested in her.

But, if he's been on a previous VH1 reality show, maybe he was recruited by the producers. Which, of course, throws into question the entire enterprise.

How many of the other contestants were recruited in this manner? Will footage turn up of Al on Charm School with Sharon Osbourne?

Oh, doubt! Oh, questioning! Oh, misery!

UPDATE, a little later in the day: Now I've spent entirely too much time thinking about this, but-- wouldn't the producers of the Megan show have had to get permission from the rights holder to show Garth singing this song? If Garth claimed the song was his, then he would have just signed the release himself, granting producers the right to use footage of him singing the song. That would be fraud.

If, however, he was honest with the producers, and told them that he didn't write the song, then the producers had to get permission from the rights holder (possibly Poverty). In which case, it's the producers who have committed the fraud, by letting viewers believe the song was Garth the Plumber's.

The fact that Garth has appeared on another VH1 reality show, along with a member of crazytown, a band for which Poverty apparently has written some songs, makes the whole issue even more convoluted and suspicious.


oliviakate. said...

I miss Garth, and I would like for him to come back, just so he could break more banks. Piggybanks, that is.

shampoo said...

Garth is gross and Ryan may well be a murderer. I think more thought went into Lily's outfits than went into casting choices.

Ricky Sprague said...

shampoo, thanks for the head's up on this- I hadn't heard about it until your comment.

One expects at least some creepery from VH1 reality show contestants, but this is a bit much.

I just posted an entry on it this morning.

shampoo said...

Ricky Sprague, you're welcome. I think they are growing complacent and aren't checking people's backgrounds as carefully. it's scary.

A.Jaye said...

You what?

I've half finished my 102 post now after reading this the whole thing has been put in jepordy. I know how 51 Minds feel.

Sex Mode.

I thought Garth the plumber was some hick from Arizona. You mean to say he hangs out with Crazytown and other musos? And has been on a Vh1 reality show prior to this?

Grab your hips and lick your lips...

Next thing you'll be telling me Baby Joe is a reserve fighter pilot.

Ricky Sprague said...

Yeah, AJaye- I figured this "Garth didn't write Sex Mode and was actually already on Celebrity Rehab" thing would be the big controversy for the show this week.

How wrong can a person be?

Anonymous said...

sex mode sux
death gush rulz

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Scott Mc said...

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