Thursday, August 20, 2009

The TMZbots Come out in Force to Attack the Victim

The tragic victim, being attacked by TMZ commenters.

I have been closely following events in the tragic story of the doomed Jasmine Fiore and her highly questionable and loathsome reality star husband, Ryan Jenkins. TMZ has been all over the story, as can be expected. This is their forte, after all, and they've had some pretty good information on the case. Including this story, about a possibly important text message. Apparently, Fiore had been in contact with her ex boyfriend, Robert Hasman, while Jenkins was in Mexico filming "I Love Money 3." Jenkins did not like this.

We're told Fiore texted Hasman on Friday night, saying she was going to travel to Las Vegas to see him.

Later that same evening, we're told Hasman received another text from Fiore's phone that just said, "suck it."

Police are exploring a theory that Jenkins may have seen the text Fiore sent to Hasman and then fired off the "suck it" message out of anger.

The story is tragic for all involved. But the comments from TMZ readers add another layer of tragedy:

Possible jurors in the trial of Jasmine Fiore's killer, giving the defense attorneys a strategy for attacking the victim.

What would motivate someone to insult the looks and background of a woman who was just murdered? Apparently, the murder isn't enough. These comments are just bizarre. I want to believe they're motivated by a need to stand out from the crowd, or that maybe they're a strange form of performance art. There can't be any sincere feeling behind "Is it only me that finds it humorous that this white trash stripper was found in a dumpster where trash should be?" can there?

I guess TMZ has its own TMZbots, just Rotten Tomatoes has the Rotten Tomatobots. And to the TMZbots I say, "Suck it."

But that is an interesting question: Which is worse: Wishing someone dead because he wrote a negative review of a film you liked, or making jokes about a woman who was just killed?

Not sure why I'm so surprised. As William Carlos Williams supposedly said, "There's a lot of bastards out there!"

Jasmine Fiore pic source.


shampoo said...

unfortunately what they're doing is common behavior after murders. some people (actual humans) feel sympathy for the victim whose life was cut brutally short. others (who knows what they are) try to distance themselves from the victim through insults, blaming, and downgrading the crime. sadly, most murder trials consist of the defense attorneys further tearing apart the victim.

I cannot imagine jasmine did anything ever in her life to merit what happened to her. but then, I am in reality about the fact that she was a real person with friends, family, hopes, and worries; with good point and bad points. that she expected that she would still be alive right now, but someone decided his anger was more important than her life.

so, he took away her life and as if that weren't enough treated her like she was only trash. I am sure he was trying to hide her body.
thankfully, she was found. solving this crime right away will likely save someone else from a similar fate. it's sad jasmine had to lose her life for that and I wish she could have been saved, too.

Lucydex said...

People can be ridiculously ignorant and heartless when it comes to people in the spot light. It's awful how they can take this as a joke and make comments about someone that had no fault in what happened to her. The bottom line is people shouldn't judge without knowing. I hope Jenkin's gets what he deserves; it's quite evident he's on the run for a reson.

shampoo said...

Lucydex, you are so right.

So many sites are running this photo of jasmine (from her driver's license) beside a posed picture of ryan from mwam. I don't blame the sites; they're just using what's available. but in 2009, commenters ought to be able to judge the quality of photographs and know what a difference that makes.

like you said, jasmine can't help it. I am sure she wouldn't choose her driver's license photo to be remembered by. but that's the most easily available one, so it will be in most people's minds when they think of her.