Friday, September 18, 2009

Jane Velez-Mitchell: The Biggest Hypocrite on Television?

Remember a couple of days ago when Jane Velez-Mitchell on her national television show falsely accused a man of being involved in a gang rape? If not, I will catch you up here.

Well, on last night's show, she discussed the story again, with an all-new slant.

And from innocent victim to cold-blooded villain. A Hofstra University student who claims she was tied up and brutally raped by five men in a dormitory bathroom, now admits her entire horrific accusation was a hoax. The so-called gang rape was actually consensual sex, and some of the young men she accused said they never even had sex with her.

Not only did this girl try to ruin the lives of these young men; she betrayed genuine rape victims whose lives have been destroyed. Should she now be the one to face charges? We`ll debate.

Is Jane Velez-Mitchell bipolar or something? The day before, she accepted the accuser's word completely and without question, actually naming at least one of the men accused. And now, that woman is a "cold-blooded villain."

She then laments the fact that "this girl [tried] to ruin the lives of these young men." Is she serious? Can she be this lacking in self-awareness? This must be performance art.

Jane Velez-Mitchell: You spread the story without checking the facts. You named at least one of them on your show. You did far more to "try to ruin the lives of these young men" than the woman who made the original accusation. Remember, Ms. Velez-Mitchell, it was you who claimed that this alleged attack was part of a larger "[w]ar on women now being waged on America`s campuses[.]"

Furthermore, what do we know of the state of mind of a woman who would make such a terrible claim? I admit it's difficult to work up a lot of sympathy for someone who would "try to ruin the lives of these young men," but how do you know about her emotional and mental state? Haven't you learned your lesson about jumping to conclusions without having all the facts?

Oh, but Ms. Velez-Mitchell gets much worse:

Tonight, a slap in the face to rape victims everywhere: police say a freshman at Hofstra University who claimed she was gang-raped was lying. The woman 18-year-old woman told police these young men tied her up and took turns raping her inside a dorm bathroom. Here they are moments after being released from jail, smiling, happy, after their accuser`s sick lies unraveled.


KATHLEEN RICE, DISTRICT ATTORNEY, NASSAU COUNTY, NEW YORK: Prosecutors almost immediately identified significant inconsistencies as she told them her story. The turning point was when she was confronted with the fact that there may exist a video of some or all of the incident. The woman began to reveal the truth about what happened.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: So why didn`t the cops pick up on those inconsistencies? The D.A.`s office did. Instead, just two, two, two days after the woman made her false report, police released the names and the photos of these men parading their mug shots in front of the media.

We have to ask here on ISSUES tonight why were police so quick to slam these particular guys? Is it a class or even a race issue, perhaps?

Why were the police so quick to slam these particular guys? Are you serious? You are the one who uncritically accepted the story, Ms. Velez-Mitchell. Just the night before you reported, in nauseating detail, the "sick lies" as if they were facts. You named the accused.

You didn't have to do that. You could have said, "Wait a minute, even if some overzealous policemen released the names and photos of these men, 'parading their mugshots in front of the media,' (again, are you serious?), these men are innocent until proved guilty, and we need to slow down and take a sober look at this case."

But you did not.

Just when you think that the motherf*cker Jane Velez-Mitchell can sink no lower, she does. Get a load of this:

VELEZ-MITCHELL: The woman could face criminal charges but she hasn`t so far. You know, this is really outrageous. What she has done is to discredit and devalue real genuine rape victims. And she could have destroyed the lives of all of these five young men.

Let me welcome back my fantastic panel. Also delighted that joining me is one of the accused, Kevin Taveras and his attorney, Victor Daly- Rivera.

Kevin, first of all, I want to say right out I`m happy for you. I`m happy for you. I have to say -- swear to God -- when I saw your picture in the perp walk before it was learned that she was lying, I said to myself, "You know what? These boys look so young and innocent." Guess what, you are young and innocent.

What was your reaction when you were arrested on this phony charge?

The hypocrisy of this woman is astounding. She is shameless. She is a scumbag. She is a motherf*cker. The lowest piece of filth on television. I mean, I do not have the vocabulary to express how totally awful this host is.

She knew they were innocent all along!

Why then, did she say, just one day before and on the air:

Now, this next story is really gut-wrenching. We`re gong to turn to a horrific crime against a female college student in just the last week. First, Annie Le`s tragic murder at Yale, now this: a young woman gang raped inside a bathroom at Hofstra University.

It turns my stomach. Police say the 18-year-old victim was at a nightclub on a Long Island campus Saturday, dancing with one of the suspects, Rondell Bedward (ph). He is also a student at Hofstra.

Cops say he grabbed her cell phone and walked out of the club. She went after him, which was allegedly all part of a sick plan. Police say he lured her to a dorm where a second man was waiting and then the two forced her into the men`s bathroom.
Police say three other men then came into the room and the victim begged them for help but she didn`t know they were allegedly in on it. Police say they all took turns raping her.

The victim called campus police and four of the five suspects were arrested; the fifth still on the loose.

Truly, the words of a woman who knew the accused men were innocent.

In that case, one might expect Ms. Velez-Mitchell to at least apologize for doing the story.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: All right. Hang in there, guys. Judge Karen Mills- Francis, this is mind-boggling to me because I personally am outraged because we did this story. And we played the cops saying they did this, they did that, they did this, they tied her up, they all raped her, it sounded horrific.

I said it was disgusting. We didn`t use the word "allegedly."

No, there is no apology. Just "outrage." Ms. Velez-Mitchell is "outraged." Because she described in horrific detail and with genuine relish the false allegations. That is the closest she can come to an apology.

Later, there is this unbelievable exchange, between Ms. Velez-Mitchell and the wrongly accused man:

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Now, Kevin, I don`t want to pry, but let me just ask you, did you have consensual sex with her?

TAVERAS: I`m sorry, I can`t comment on that.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Ok. All right. And you know what? Consensual sex isn`t illegal so I`m not judging, ok?

Now she's not judging. Wow. Just how rotten can she get? Just how totally clueless and unsympathetic?


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Ok. So has this affected your life in terms of what you want to do or how you take life? I know sometimes traumas can be a positive in the sense that they say it can make you take life a lot more seriously. That certainly happened to me when I was about your age.

Being wrongly accused of gang rape on national television can be a really good thing. You see, "Issues With Jane Velez-Mitchell" performed a service for these wrongly accused men! If only she could do the same for everyone in America, we'd all learn to appreciate our lives, and take them more seriously.

Jane Velez-Mitchell, you are still a motherf*cker.

She wants to help the world by accusing people of crimes they did not commit.

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A.Jaye said...

Great 2 part story there Ricky. Check out this documentary Raw Deal by the guys who made Cocaine Cowboys.

You may even remember the case.

shampoo said...

newsactors are so stupid. someone needs to tell her, "jane, it's up to YOU to research the story. it's up to YOU to use the word 'allegedly' when speaking of people who have been accused, but not convicted, of crimes because charges could be dropped or, if there is a trial, they might be found not guilty!"

I think the girl was drunk (the guys probably were, too) at first. then she sobered up some and was really bothered that she was having sex with several guys in a bathroom (shudder). i'm not giving her a pass accusing people of rape, but whatever happened just was strange. everyone involved needs to take a minute and think about their part in it... or they would have needed to do so if jane over at HLN hadn't gone crazy with the story. that adds a whole different level to this weird mess.

I am glad the one guy didn't tell her his role. it's really none of her business. it's a sad story, really. jane needs to shut up and let this be handled by the people who know the facts.

Ricky Sprague said...

AJaye, I half-remember that case. The year after it happened, Rod Smith, the state attorney who made the frat house video tape available to the public was elected to the Florida state senate. In 2006 he ran for governor, but lost the Democrat nomination.

Now, he is thinking about running for Attorney General in Florida:

In America, AJaye, we sometimes elect really rotten people to political office.

shampoo, I agree. Newscasters are just talking heads. I think in the UK they're called "presenters," which is a more apt term.

I'm not sure I'd call JV-M a "newscaster." Of course, in my blog postings I settled on calling her a "motherf*cker."

Still, her show is on "Headline News Network," which implies a level of journalism. I want to know if Headline News specifically, and CNN in general, always run with a story without checking the sources? How many verifications must the reporters get before they go on the air? Is "one cop told us so" good enough?

shampoo said...

ricky sprague, I am calling her a new actor, not a newscaster. she is an actress on a news-style show. I got the term "newsactor" from paranoid t.v. years ago and it really fits most people on news-style shows whether it is the nightly news or on one of the many magazine shows. however, she might just be a bad actor not even a news actor.

turns out jane is saying the accuser told her boyfriend she was raped, but didn't want to call police. I guess he talked her into doing so although why she then named names, I don't know. she has been suspended from school.

shampoo said...

ugh, I meant I called her a news actor. although I am seeing the show again and I don't know ... news actor even is a bit lofty. she yells. so. much.

they made a point tonight of saying how "careful" they are (while discussing the non-rape story). jane's side-kick even chimed in about how often jane says "allegedly."

most newactors don't know exactly how to use that word anyway. they'll use "alleged victim" in cases when someone was murdered (and there's no other explanation even if we don't know who did it), but not use it for someone else who may not be the victim of any crime (like the bathroom sex girl... I don't recall if jane called her "alleged victim" or not).

jane showed the photos of the four guys again. I really can follow along without pictures, jane. or shouting.

Ricky Sprague said...

Oh I do like the term "new actor," or "newsactor." That is awesome. I've never heard that before. I think it fits.

Now I'm curious about tonight's episode of the show. I have a feeling that following this woman and pointing out her follies could be a full-time job. She is some motherf*cker.

shampoo said...

I really like the term "newsactor" as well. but, maybe jane is more akin to a talk show host. I love how she tries to sell her book in between all her outraged yelling about whatever crime or non-crime. who names a book "I want"?