Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"King Spencer Pratt": Why not?

Spencer Pratt, who is married to Heidi Montag-Pratt, is changing his name to "King Spencer Pratt," supposedly.

The fame-loving loudmouth of "The Hills" is in the process of legally changing his name to "King Spencer Pratt," reports.

Why not? Heather Renée Sweet changed her name to the very regal Dita Von Teese.

Was this whole blog entry just an excuse to post a photo of Dita Von Teese?

The director of the new booed-at-Cannes film "Antichrist," Lars Trier, added a "von" to his last name. And to my knowledge, he is not a member of any nobility. According to World Festival of Foreign Films, he does have a rather interesting biography. First sentence really hooks you:

Lars von Trier was raised by nudist Jewish Communist parents who did not allow much room in their household for "feelings, religion, or enjoyment," as von Trier later said.

And then how he came by the "von":

His peers at the film school nicknamed him "von Trier." The name is sort of an inside-joke with the von part suggesting nobility, while Lars and Trier are quite common names in Denmark. He reportedly kept the "von" name in homage to Erich von Stroheim and Josef von Sternberg. He graduated from the film school in 1983.

No, I do not mean to compare Spencer Pratt to a rather depressing Danish filmmaker, nor do I mean to compare him to an attractive burlesque dancer. I just mean to point out that it's his name, he can call himself whatever he wants. If I were him, however, I'd concentrate more on ("moron"?) changing that last name, which contains the word "prat."

n. English term, primarily used in United Kingdom. The literal meaning is "bottom" or "rump"; aka backside, buttocks, sacrum, tail end. This lends itself to the slang meaning of "ass," or "clueless person of arrogant stupidity." It is not always directly translatable to American slang. For example, if you used the term "prat hat" in the U.K., you would likely be laughed out of town by the locals.

I can't believe what an overbearing idiot he is. What a prat!

Just so we're clear: He's changing his name to "King Spencer Ass, the King of the Asses." Not much of an improvement, but it does seem to fit.

Dita Von Teese pic source.


Anonymous said...

I prefer to call him King Flesh-Colored Beard, but that's just me.

poker rakeback said...

King of the D-Bags would be more accurate.