Thursday, September 3, 2009

RE: Megan Hauserman's New Show (Was She Forced to do It?), and a Suggestion for The Premise

What's she got to look so smug about? Well, her name's been in the news for weeks, she's appeared on at least five reality shows, and she's about to get another.

Radar online is reporting that "Megan Wants a Millionaire" star Megan Hauserman is getting another reality show.

"VH1 is giving Megan her own reality show,” a source confirms. When the show was abruptly cancelled “they promised Megan her own show...that’s how they bought her silence.”

Two things come to mind immediately: The first is, Will 51 Minds be involved in any way? The article mentions only VH1. If I were Megan, I would steer clear of 51 Minds. For that matter, I'd steer clear of 51 Minds if I were VH1.

The second is, I do not for a minute believe that VH1 had to "buy her silence." The contracts that people sign are ironclad- the Ryan Jenkins situation was no doubt covered by some kind of Force Majeure clause. VH1 and 51Minds both have very well compensated legal teams crafting language that is very specifically geared toward protecting them.

And I think there's something later in the story that backs me up:

As for the show’s format, the source says it will probably move away from a dating-themed show and will unscripted despite Hauserman asking for a scripted show.
You'll note "the source" claims that Megan- whose silence is being "bought," wants a scripted show. In spite of this fact, VH1 is giving her an "unscripted" show. Just so we're clear- VH1 is giving Megan a new show to "buy her silence," but they're forcing her to do a show she doesn't really want to do.

Think about this: If Megan were given a sit-com, would you watch it? At least once? Yes, you would. Everyone would. And VH1 would only have to make one episode, since that's all anyone would watch anyway. It could be the VH1 equivalent of "Curb Your Enthusiasm."

Megan Hauserman could be the Larry David of VH1.

The real truth of this story is (probably- this is me conjecturing) Megan wanted out, and was going to talk to a network or something. She might know some things neither VH1 nor 51 Minds wants to get out. VH1 exercised its ironclad contract language and is forcing her to appear on another show she doesn't want to do (although, it's difficult to believe that Megan Hauserman required much convincing to appear on another television show). There's probably something in the contract about not being able to talk to anyone about any of her shows for X number of years after the final episode of her final series airs.

We might be seeing Megan Hauserman shows for a long time.

To that end, and if they're not going the "dating" angle, I have an idea for one of the shows: Megan gets a job with an "outside company" that does background checks for reality show contestants. Hilarity ensues as Megan soon finds she's in over her head, checking all those "drivers license numbers," and "social security numbers." All she really wants is credit card numbers! Will Megan actually do her background checks, or will she get bored and take her mentally challenged dog Lily to the spa for a day of fun and relaxation?

Megan Hauserman pic source.
Larry David pic source.


Miss Malevolent said...

I wouldn't even know who this chick is, if I didn't read your blog. I certainly didn't watch her last show...and I know I won't be watching the new one.

Besides she does that annoying spit whistle thing when she talks, like Winona Ryder or's like nails on a chalkboard.

A.Jaye said...

Radar Online's next exclusive should be 'after Saturday comes Sunday'. Megan's box office - 'corse she's going to get another show. Pity their source doesn't know what it is.

Oh and Miss Malevolent - if you don't watch her where do you get to listen to her?

shampoo said...

here is what I think is going on... from what I understand they film all day every day on these reality shows, lights out only about four hours and some say they film during that, too. megan probably wanted something that would film more like a regular t.v. show because it would require less time being filmed while returning the same amount of time on camera.

also, with a script, there is less chance of her inadverently stumbling on the very phrase that will set off the next psycho killer that flirts with a casting director.

in addition to your brillant idea, perhaps megan and brandi c. and cecile can do some shopping for themselves and lily. you know, to unwind after a long day.

although, at this point, i'd be they'd be the three most conscientious background checkers ever. the nsa and fbi would squabble over who got to recruit them.

Ricky Sprague said...

shampoo- You're right- Megan, Brandi C, and Cecile could be a sort of "Hills"/"Sex in the City" group of friends out to conquer- um, well, the world of porn, and personal appearances, and spa treatments. I can see that.

As for her next show being "unscripted": Do you think someone's not going to give Megan, and anyone else involved in said show, a list of things you can't talk/joke about? Don't they do that now?

I will be most interested in how the background checks are done, and also the amount of alcohol available to participants.

AJaye- I agree- it never once occurred to me that Megan wouldn't get another show. "The source" is being disingenuous, but so is Radar online. Could they really have been surprised by this "scoop"?

Miss Malevolent- I hope I'm not corrupting you too much. Megan's voice is one of her least attractive qualities, in my opinion. It can at time become the aural equivalent of that vacant stare she sometimes gets.

shampoo said...

ricky sprague, I think they probably are given things to talk about/not talk about, plus with all the hours of tape it's no problem to pick and choose. but that's not what I meant...

I was mostly joking, but I don't really know what sets off a maniac who'd beat, strangle and mutilate someone... so, i'm guessing it could be something that wouldn't bother most people. having just squeaked by once, megan could be nervous.

remember when ryan whispered to megan that she'd "really love canadian bacon"? she didn't really say much to that, but he (being unreasonable) could have taken offense to her not thinking that was hilarious. or falling madly in love. or whatever response he wanted.

with a script, no one is speaking their own words so there's less real emotional attachment to those words... that's more what I meant if that makes sense. of course, megan could believe a script makes her an official actress. that's more what I really think about that.

on the subject of background checks... guess who was way behind on his car payments? why, ryan jenkins.

Anonymous said...

Shampoo, that's pretty interesting that Ryan Jenkins was behind on his car payments. Even though his family clearly has money, Ryan seems to have had cash flow problems, and this just reinforces how weak the 51 Minds background checks were. They really didn't bother to check Megan's beaus out at all.

The guys on Operation Repo are probably glad they never had to repo Ryan Jenkins's car. I could easily see him going apeshit on the repo guys, like almost everyone delinquent on that show.

shampoo said...

anonymous, no kidding! haha

his estate is being sued for $12,750... I don't know if he was actually behind that much or if that's what he owed on the car.

did you hear about his problems with trying to take jasmine out to eat? at least once his card was declined, other times he said he had no money. his family plays this off as though jasmine was demanding. but, expecting a self-proclaimed millionaire to be able to buy dinner doesn't sound that bad to me.

I don't really understand why ryan had so many money problems. all I can think is he stretched himself too thin due to his career change and he didn't start asking his family for help until after he'd killed jasmine.

I am still wondering if he had some sort of money making scheme that he wanted her help with and she either couldn't or wouldn't do it.

there were definitely some non-millionaires on the show. 51 minds is playing it off like they put those guys in on purpose so the viewer could have the "fun" of picking out the fakes. personally, I don't think they checked. they figured it didn't matter.