Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Comic About Steve Phillips's Mistress's Letter to His Wife

I do not follow professional sports with any regularity. It mostly irritates me. But on occasion, a story from the world of "sports" bleeds over into my own reality (such as the disturbing tale of the stalker of the irritating sideline "reporter" Erin Andrews) and I become a little bit interested.

The story of Steve Phillips, an "analyst" for ESPN, is one such story. Apparently, this man had an affair with an assistant and, well, she did not take it very well when he (maybe) tried to end the relationship:
ESPN analyst Steve Phillips had a fling with a 22-year-old production assistant, who, after being dumped, taunted his wife with "Fatal Attraction"-like phone calls and a letter that bragged about her sexcapades with Phillips while taking pot shots at their "loveless marriage," The Post has learned.

The former Met general manager, whose tenure with the team was rocked by admissions of infidelity, confessed to his wife and local cops that he had slept with ESPN assistant Brooke Hundley several times this past summer before dumping her.
Hundley's desperate actions -- including accidentally smashing her car into a stone column while speeding away from the Phillips' home after leaving the letter -- terrified the family, according to the Wilton, Conn., police report.
Things haven't gone well for Mr. Phillips since the story broke. His wife filed for divorce, and ESPN has suspended him for a week. And my sources in the sports world tell me that the major league baseball "playoffs" are currently running. Soon, the championships, called "The World Series," will be airing. Will Mr. Phillips make it back to television in time to share his insights?
Phillips -- who admitted having multiple affairs with women while working for the Mets -- is now being sued for divorce by his 40-year-old wife, the mother of his four sons. Two months ago, Phillips deeded the family's five-bedroom, multimillion-dollar Wilton home to her.

Phillips has been suspended for a week by ESPN -- which hired him in 2005 as a baseball analyst -- because of the scandal.
Following the link above will take you to links to the letter that Ms. Hundley left for Mr. Phillips's wife, and some photos of Ms. Hundley herself. I have used these to create a comic, in which the scorned mistress articulates the sentiments of the letter. Somehow, the letter feels different when you see photos of the author beside it.

Now we learn that, the day after delivering this emotional letter to Mr. Phillips's wife, Ms. Hundley had a bit of a change of heart and filed a restraining order against him.

Steve Phillips' three-night stand claimed he hounded her for sex - then threatened to get her fired if she told his wife about their trysts.

The ESPN star analyst vowed "to ruin more than my reputation," production assistant Brooke Hundley said in an Aug. 20 appeal for a restraining order against him.

Phillips, the former general manager of the Mets, warned he "could easily get me fired," Hundley wrote in her single-page affidavit.

The document was filed one day after she delivered a letter graphically detailing the affair to Phillips' wife.
This is a story that even someone who dislikes professional sports, and resents the fact that it costs me money in the form of tax breaks for stadiums, time dealing with traffic, and listening to drunken jerks pontificating on the superiority of their chosen favorite team's "stats," can appreciate. It's about a sleazy man who has had multiple affairs, who finally found a woman who decided not to let him off so easily when he tried to cast her aside.


shampoo said...

omg, she looks like a whacko. i'm almost afraid to see how he looks.

does he not know of a certain group of female entrepreneurs that offer special services? from what I understand, they tend not to blackmail their clients as it's bad for business.

A.Jaye said...

Ricky mate. I am a sports fan - but I hate sportcasters. Or whatever these yak-a-lots call themselves these days.

I gotta agree with Shampoo. The bird looks like Glen Close's bastard child farmed out to rednecks. Was that a referee's jersey she was sporting? And a whistle?

Burn the bitch at the stake. You gives Jezebels a bad name.

shampoo said...

burning at the stake may be a bit severe. she can't help it if she is mentally imbalanced and not cute. but, HE should have known better. even someone like himself should've been able to see this girl was not a good choice. I know he's probably not smart, but still.

oh and to be fair, there are male and transgendered entrepreneurs in addition to female. pay extra and they'd probably even roleplay as a b.s.c. employee in a position to easily claim (claiming doesn't have to mean winning) sexual harrassment.

it'd be hilarious if crazy gal and the wife were in cahoots.

Ricky Sprague said...

Well, she hasn't been "burned at the stake," but she has been fired by ESPN, along with Steve Phillips:

According to the article at the address above, it appears that Phillips is being fired because his "mistress" wrote the letter to his wife and stalked his son-- not because of the sexual contact between analyst and assistant.

So ESPN's policy about coital congress among employees is "choose the partner who won't make a stink when you dump her."

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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