Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Creepy Contest of the Day- Esquire's "Meet the 'Sexiest Woman Alive'"

Esquire magazine has a contest in which the winner will get to meet the actress Kate Beckinsale, in person:

That's right! You could win a chance to meet Kate Beckinsale, the Sexiest Woman Alive 2009, in person. You'll get a round-trip flight to New York City for you and a friend, a hotel room to crash in, plus a chance to get some face-time with the lovely Miss Beckinsale at the premiere of her upcoming movie, Everybody's Fine, on December 3, 2009.

That must have been part of the deal that Ms. Beckinsale's publicist made with Esquire to earn her the title "Sexiest Woman Alive 2009." (By the way, it's only mid-October and someone's already won that title? Isn't this a little early?) Why else would anyone submit herself to such a creepy contest? Anyone could win the thing- it's a random drawing, for crying out loud.

And no, you don't have to actually purchase a subscription to enter the contest, but if you do subscribe, you'll be automatically renewed-- as a convenience to you:

Automatically charging your credit card for you, in case you forget, is real convenience.

You could meet Kate Beckinsale. Maybe she'll share her soda with you.

Kate Beckinsale and soda pic source.

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Anonymous said...

maybe she's feeling left out that no one has broken into her house lately...