Monday, October 5, 2009

PSP Go: The Dirtiest Name Ever for a Video Game System?

Browsing today and came upon a handheld video game device called a PSP Go, or PSPGo, or pee-ess-pego, which was released October 1st.

I thought the term "pego" was a vulgarity.

I first became aware of the word from reading it in chapter 1 page 3 of Alan Moore's and Eddie Campbell's Jack the Ripper story "From Hell." The panel in question is scanned and can be viewed below (probably not safe for work):

The Urban Dictionary defines the word as

Male ego as channeled through the penis.

I used "Pego" as the name of the doctor from my short film "Zany Dick!" (which is definitely not safe for work):

And now Sony has used the word as part of the name of their handheld video gaming system. Nice. The male ego as channeled through the penis strikes again!

Put your PSPGo in your hand, and play.

PSPGo and hand pic source.

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