Thursday, October 29, 2009

Why Can't the Yankees Win One Lousy Game After Their Taxpayer Bailout?

There is a series of games being played right now between two professional baseball teams, The Philadelphia Phillies, and the New York Yankees. The series is to determine the best team in the world, which is why it's called "The World Series." Tickets are apparently hard to come by; so much so that a woman apparently might have offered to have sex with someone in exchange for them:
A 43-year-old Pennsylvania woman was busted today for allegedly posting an Internet ad offering sex in exchange for World Series tickets, authorities said.

Police in the Philadelphia suburb of Bensalem claim Susan Finkelstein placed an ad on the Web site Craigslist, saying she was a die-hard Phillies fan and buxom blonde in desperate need of two ducats, police said.
The Associated Press reported that an undercover cop responded to the ad on Monday night.

That's when, police said, Finkelstein offered to perform various sex acts in exchange for the tickets between the Phillies and the Yankees.

"She was willing to do anything, she said," Bucks County public safety director Fred Harran told Philadelphia's KYW Newsradio. "And she told the officers that she would engage in sexual activity with two individuals for two tickets."
So titilating! Fred Harran probably doesn't often get to say such naughty things in his official capacity as "Bucks County public safety director." Clearly, this woman was a depraved menace and needed to be removed from the streets.

Which is why I'm so glad that there are policemen surfing Craigslist looking for strange. Ads, I mean.

Susan Finkelstein only wanted to screw one person to watch a baseball game. The team owners and government officials screw over all of us.

That of course is a very minor misuse of taxpayer money. It pales in comparison with the horrific and mortifying waste of resources that is the stadium in which the New York Yankees play their little game:

The Yankees' new stadium is now the most expensive ever even imagined, coming in at a staggering $2.3 billion. That includes its attendant parking garages and replacement parkland, but even the stadium construction budget alone is incredible, now standing at $1.56 billion.

Of that, the public - city, state, and federal taxpayers - are now covering just shy of $1.2 billion, by far the largest stadium subsidy ever. In fact, even discounting the $417 million in property-tax breaks (if you're inclined to agree with Lieber), it's still the largest stadium subsidy ever. The Yankees, meanwhile, would be on the hook for just $670 million, after counting property-tax breaks.
We're in a recession right now, right? And city, state, and federal (emphasis added because apparently we're all Yankees fans now) are paying $1.2 billion with a b to subsidize a single private business? Well, at least that money the government gave away to the Yankees is paying dividends in other ways, such as driving fans to spend their money on other businesses around the new stadium?

Whether you like them or not, you helped pay for the Yankees' new stadium.

Of course not:

But the gleaming ballpark, home to a World Series in its opening year, is pushing local businesses into the shadows.

The new stadium sprouted just a block from the House that Ruth Built, which is in the process of being taken down. However that one block, with an accompanying shift in pedestrian traffic, has made a difference, area business owners say. So has the stadium itself, with its greatly expanded food and retail options, as well as the overall economic downturn.

"We had high expectations with the new stadium and everything," said Concourse Card Shop manager Nicolas Castillo. But so far? It's "a lot worse," he said, with business down more than 50 percent.

At Yankee Tavern, where the floor is tiled to look like Yankee pinstripes, business is off about 20 percent, said owner Joe Bastone. The economy in general has played a role, he said, adding he's glad the new stadium is at least in the same neighborhood.

"It's bringing some business, even though there's more competition because of the new stadium," he said.

The $1.5 billion house that George Steinbrenner built offers quite a lot besides a baseball game for those who can afford the tickets. There are three team stores, an art gallery, a collectibles boutique, a Hard Rock Cafe, a NYY Steak, a Bleachers Cafe and Tommy Bahama's Bar. Food options run the gamut from pizza to hot dogs to sushi and other Asian-inspired foods. There's even a museum, telling the Yankees' story.

The new stadium is not the "house that George Steinbrenner built," it's the "house that you and I built." And it's not just Yankee stadium. It's just about every motherf*cking stadium in America.

In Indianapolis, with the Colts, where the team only paid about $52 million for its new $700 million stadium, and pays about $250,000 a year on rent. In New Orleans, the Saints are actually paying negative rent to play in the Superdome (couldn't New Orleans really use that money?). In Florida, Miami-Dade County Commissioners just approved spending over $300 million in taxpayer money for a new stadium for the Marlins.

It goes on and on, depressingly so.

Do you like Alex Rodriguez? You should; you're helping to pay his salary. And he's making a hell of a lot more than anyone at AIG ever did.

Why are professional sports teams given so much public money? Our national debt has hit an all-time high. Unemployment is soaring. Thousands of people are out protesting bailout bonuses. Who is protesting the exploitation of taxpayers-- even those who aren't sports fans themselves-- who have to pay to subsidize the f*cking New York Yankees?

By the way-- what did taxpayers get for their more than $1 billion? Well, the Yankees lost the first game of the "World Series". After a massive bailout, the team can't even win one lousy game? Why isn't Congress going after the Yankees board the way they're going after GM? I'm sure there are plenty of sports fans in Congress who could suggest some excellent trades. Why aren't there thousands of protesters outside Yankee stadium?

George Steinbrenner gives us the thumb's up with one hand, while with his other hand he is picking your pocket. He's too big to fail.

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