Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Does Someone at Yahoo Have it in for the New Governor of New Jersey?

Apparently there were some elections yesterday. Go figure. Republicans won the governorships of two states, Virginia (Bob McDonnell) and New Jersey (Chris Christie). Here's a picture of the two winners from Yahoo's main page, taken just now:

Both look like dynamic guys, confident and self-assured in that most political of ways. "I am the man," each of them seem to be saying, "Because I won."

But check out the pictures that Yahoo used last night, as the returns were coming in:

The guy from Virginia looks dynamic, confident, a winner. The guy from New Jersey looks like he's been lost in a curtain maze for an hour.

"Hey, dude, you won the New Jersey race!"

"Wha--? Oh, thanks, now, can you tell me how to get outta here?"

Yahoo chose the picture that makes him look vaguely like Zero Mostel:

"I actually won??? I was trying to lose!"

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