Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The 10 Best Films of 2009

2009 was a great year for film, and I watched so much film that my head is still spinning from all the greatness. Of course, I didn't hardly make it to the theater-- so most of the films I saw were online, on youtube and blogs and things like that. (Oh I just remembered I saw "The Proposal" on an airplane, but, spoiler alert it did not make it onto my top ten list.) But still, I saw some great films. So here, in no particular order, are my favorite films of 2009:

Quentin Tarantino Talking About His Favorite Films of 2009

In this film, the famous filmmaker Quentin Tarantino lists his top eight favorite movies of the year. His choices are what I would consider "idiosyncratic," which is fine, since I often describe myself with that word. In fact, I find it charming, which is why I put this film on my list. And because I haven't actually seen any of the movies that Tarantino mentions, I feel like I don't have to now.

Drunk Ewoks on the Today Show Set

The Ewoks, who are characters from the "Star Wars" films, got drunk during a "Today Show" segment and attempted to, among other things, fight each other, dance like Michael Jackson, and hump the leg of a Han Solo-clad Al Roker. Would have been my favorite film of the year, were it not for the fact that I made some films myself.

David Lynch Discusses Meeting George Lucas, and His Level of Interest in Directing the Third "Star Wars" Movie

Speaking of Ewoks, idiosyncratic (there's that word again!) director David Lynch discusses a meeting with "Star Wars" creator George Lucas, who approached Lynch with an offer to direct "Return of the Jedi." Lucas gave Lynch a migraine.

Stumpy Claus Christmas Special

Pretty self-explanatory. A limbless Santa Claus-like figure, along with a chain-smoking elf and a silent man giant in a reindeer costume invade the bedroom of a little girl in the middle of the night and leave her a bag of "gifts." Hilarious if I do say so myself (and I just did).


Liam Neeson plays a retired government agent of some kind, whose 16 year old daughter goes to France with a friend. Daughter and friend are kidnapped by terrorists, so Liam Neeson uses his "particular set of skills" to, oh, I don't know, just kick some major ass for about 90 minutes. It was made by the same guys who did "District B13," which is another breathless action film well worth seeing (warning: French dialogue).

Guy Shouts "You Lie!" or "Liar!" or Something Like That During Obama Speech

How do you tell a politician is lying? His lips move! That's not just a very funny joke-- it's also the truth. However, politicians don't like to be called "liars" while they're lying, which made this "outburst" during one of president Obama's multiple addresses to the house of representatives (a room full of politicians) so amazing. One liar calls another liar a liar, while he's in the midst of lying. And of course it was considered poor form, and rude; in fact, it was the best thing to happen in the house of representatives since, well, ever as far as I know (and I like to think of myself as an idiosyncratic student of history). We need more of this. What if more "representatives" had called the previous president a "liar" during the Iraq war planning, and the push for the "patriot act"? My favorite film of the year.

Anderson Cooper Drunk on Air?

Anderson Cooper, from CNN, stumbles and slurs his words on air from January. I don't know if he's actually drunk or not, but this film makes me laugh every time I see it, unlike "Watchmen."

Poodle Bitch Muses on Human Children

My blog mate, Poodle Bitch, created her own video this year, and it is sophisticated, thoughtful, and humorous.

Now, like Mr. Tarantino, I am stopping at eight because there is still a couple of weeks left in 2009, and I still need to watch a few more films and rewatch a couple of others to see if they climb higher on my list. Those couple of others are:

Stumpy Claus

The first Stumpy Claus film, released in November. Not quite as good as "The Stumpy Claus Christmas Special," but still features a groin kick.

John & Edward Perform "Oops! I Did it Again" on "X Factor"

I have nothing more to add to this-- Poodle Bitch pretty much covered why this is so wonderful.

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