Tuesday, December 8, 2009

CNN's Creepy Propaganda Ad Campaign

The very good website mediaite has been overpowered today by a very creepy ad campaign for the fourth or fifth place news network, CNN.

Those ads don't catch the eye-- they assault you. They make the viewer, who just wanted to check out the article about Levi Johnston meeting Andrew Sullivan, feel vaguely as if they've been caught doing something very naughty. The faces of those three people (I recognize two of them-- the woman with dark hair whose name I can't spell, and the guy who used to host "The Mole") stare out at you with such scowls of indignation and judgment that it makes me not only not want to watch CNN, but to click off the mediaite website, which I actually like.

Really. Here is just the ad itself. Tell me that's not creepy:

Does "TRUTH" have to glare at you like that? Does "NEWS" have to purse his lips so? Does "FACTS" have to use the bathroom?

This ad is just the type of thing that mediaite usually pokes fun at. Instead, it has succumbed.

Does it not in some ways resemble Shepard Fairey's famous Andre the Giant Obey poster?

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shampoo said...

newsactors, newsactors, newsactors ... not even as good at their jobs as regular actors. glaring, pursing, and needing to go to the bathroom are some of their best faces!