Friday, December 11, 2009

Jersey Shore Puncher Is New York City Teacher; Also-- Naked Lesbian Teacher Classroom Sex Romp!

The cast of "Jersey Shore." Why have I not seen this show yet?

I have at least one episode of MTV's "Jersey Shore" reality show on my TiVo, although I haven't had a chance to watch it. Which is an insane oversight, given this description:

Within the first five minutes of the show's premiere episode, a 28-year-old male who goes by the name "Mike 'The Situation'" because of his chiseled abdominal muscles -- "My abs are so ripped up we call it 'the situation,'" he says -- tells the camera that the Jersey Shore is where "you have to be" because it's the place "where the shirts come off and the bikinis come out."

Mike proudly says he's a "guido" -- the type of guy every girl wants because he is typically "a good looking, smooth, well-dressed Italian."

Not sure how I've been able to resist. Last week's episode made news because of the controversy over the use of the terms "guido" and "guidettes" (and might have led to death threats for employees of MTV), and now this week it's made news because one of the female characters, "Snookie," is punched in the face by some guy at a bar.

At the end of the episode tonight MTV shows a teaser clip of Snookie getting punched out and then lying on the floor of the bar. The next shot is of a man in handcuffs being escorted to a police car.

You can follow the link to the Huffington Post which posted the clip in question.

Apparently, the puncher, Brad Ferro, is a New York City public school gym teacher.

The drunken lout seen sucker-punching a "Jersey Shore" hottie in a video clip gone viral is a New York City public school teacher, The Post has learned.

And the sudden right cross seen across the Internet has earned Queens gym teacher Brad Ferro a technical knockout — he’s been moved out of class and into one of the Department of Education’s teacher reassignment centers, also known as a "rubber room," agency officials confirmed.

And just what is the "rubber room"? Earlier this year, The New Yorker ran an article on the problems encountered when city officials attempt to fire incompetent, lazy, or pedophilic teachers. It's so difficult that the problem teachers are paid to hang out all day doing nothing in "rubber rooms."

It’s a June morning, and there are fifteen people in the room, four of them fast asleep, their heads lying on a card table. Three are playing a board game. Most of the others stand around chatting. Two are arguing over one of the folding chairs. But there are no children here. The inhabitants are all New York City schoolteachers who have been sent to what is officially called a Temporary Reassignment Center but which everyone calls the Rubber Room.

These fifteen teachers, along with about six hundred others, in six larger Rubber Rooms in the city’s five boroughs, have been accused of misconduct, such as hitting or molesting a student, or, in some cases, of incompetence, in a system that rarely calls anyone incompetent.

The teachers have been in the Rubber Room for an average of about three years, doing the same thing every day—which is pretty much nothing at all. Watched over by two private security guards and two city Department of Education supervisors, they punch a time clock for the same hours that they would have kept at school—typically, eight-fifteen to three-fifteen. Like all teachers, they have the summer off. The city’s contract with their union, the United Federation of Teachers, requires that charges against them be heard by an arbitrator, and until the charges are resolved—the process is often endless—they will continue to draw their salaries and accrue pensions and other benefits.

The article is fascinating and appalling and I very much recommend it. I also have to say that, being assigned to a rubber room would sure beat the hell out of having to teach a bunch of little twerps for seven (!) hours a day (do they get time off for lunch?). That doesn't sound like much of a punishment.

So, yes, Brad Ferro deserves to lose his job teaching the children (the future of America [or at least New York]), but, as detailed in the New Yorker article, there are actually other teachers who should lose their job before him. Really-- the guy caught on an Empty V reality show punching a woman in the face is not the worst inhabitant of the "rubber room."

Maybe MTV should do a reality show about the rubber rooms? They could call it-- um-- "The Rubber Room."

UPDATE @ 1:15 PST: Somehow, I missed this story of two other New York City teachers who were sent to the rubber room.

In a story that's destined to turn schoolboys all over the city into voracious newspaper readers, the Daily News brings us the titillating tale of two female "Romance language" teachers who were allegedly caught naked together in an otherwise empty classroom.

French teacher Cindy Mauro, 33, and married Spanish teacher Alini Brito, 29, and were booted from James Madison High School in Midwood after being caught in their "undressed" extracurricular activity by a janitor who ratted them out on Nov. 20., sources told the paper.
Both teachers were sent to "rubber rooms" -- reassignment centers where under-suspicion Dept. of Education employees are sent to await their fates -- while they're being investigated for misconduct, according to the DOE.

Oh, wow. And here are the teachers in question:

They are quite attractive, it's true. But not so attractive that they shouldn't have been able to wait until they were out of their classroom before they started tearing away at one anothers' clothes (that's how I imagine it happening, anyway). That's just stupid.

But, seriously, I hope some enterprising producer reads my blog and decides to rip off my "Rubber Room" reality show idea now. These two women could headline it.

Note: If any enterprising producer reads my blog and decides to rips off my "Rubber Room" reality show idea, I will sue the hell out of you.

Cast pic source.
Attractive teachers pic source.


shampoo said...

I have always lived in a so-called "right to work" (right to be fired for "any reason or no reason") state so this sounds wonderful to me. sure, it'd be boring, but why don't any of them think of reading? and I thought jails were often involved when one person punches another person in the face in front of witnesses. how'd he get out of that?

Ricky Sprague said...

Or how about, instead of reading, the "rubber room" inhabitants engage in Uncontrolled Lesbian Sex Romps (see update, above)?

shampoo said...

haha... I just read that...

i'll bet the janitor was just mad that they wouldn't let him join them.

Student Handouts, Inc. said...

I have no idea if the "rubber room" teachers are guilty or not.

But why go after the innocent-until-proven-guilty teachers and not the district?

The district has charges against the teachers. All that is needed is an arbitration hearing to fire the teachers. If evidence exists against the teachers, why not hold the hearing and dismiss them? If teachers are spending years in the rubber rooms, it occurs to me that there might not be much (or any) evidence against them.