Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Kathy Griffin on CNN New Year's Eve, 2009: No Way to Treat a Guest

Kathy Griffin again co-hosted this year's new year's eve program with Anderson Cooper on the fourth or fifth ranked cable news outlet CNN. And, again, she said something "inappropriate." Here she is dropping "the f-bomb":

This of course makes her my free speech hero for January 2010. Or, December 2009-- I'm not sure when exactly she said it. We should all be dropping f-bombs on television all the time. The Constitution says we can.

She also asked Mr. Cooper if she could get a pap smear from Dr. Sanjay Gupta:

She is a comedian, and that is her shtick. She co-hosted with Mr. Cooper last year, and that's basically what she did then, too. CNN should have expected it. Remember when she said this:

But then, Mr. Cooper got passive aggressive with her:

Mr. Cooper-- if you want your guest, the person you invited, to shut up, then tell her yourself. Don't read it from someone's "twitter." You knew what she was like when you invited her to COME BACK again this year.

And now, the sanctimonious jerks at CNN have banned Ms. Griffin from CNN:

Following her very controversial F-bomb-dropping New Year's Eve hosting gig, CNN executives have decided Kathy Griffin will NOT be getting a 2011 invite. "She was a total embarrassment to the network that calls themselves 'The Most Trusted Name in News.' Even Anderson (Cooper, her co-host) thinks it's time to say goodbye to Kathy," a CNN insider tells me.

CNN was embarrassed by Ms. Griffin? They should be embarrassed by their newsactor's passive aggression. They should be embarrassed by his callous treatment of his guest. They should be embarrassed by the fact that their ratings are so pathetically low.

They should fire Cooper, and hire Griffin to replace him.


shampoo said...

kathy is pretty consistent in the way she acts... my guess is that more people were home this new year's eve to whine to cnn about "such language!"

and it's pretty sad anderson (newsactor!) can't even handle kathy... wow...
hey, next year, what about roseanne barr? I am eager to see what he'll do when she starts talking about nazis.

Ricky Sprague said...

Anderson Cooper might have peaked when he was the host of "The Mole."

shampoo said...

eureka! that's the kathy griffith/anderson cooper connection! I just couldn't place it..