Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Posting at When Falls the Coliseum

I was inspired by the fact that Dr Phil came out against the game FarmVille, and shared a little insight into my own life here.

It's funny I think!

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shampoo said...

omg, I didn't even know this game existed! given how much I like harvest moon... (restrains self from googling farmville).

if the goat is anything like the harvest moon one after the first "year" it's just a pet. which would be fine, but that takes up room in the barn that could be utilized by a different type of cow. bwahahaha! (so, possibly brace yourself)

this is probably the most serious type of addiction that dr. phil's ridiculous self is allowed to treat. haha

and yes, I get tired of "the addiction is a DISEASE and you are POWERLESS". why not just tell them to give up? geez.

putting tom and heidi together is interesting for us, beneficial for tom, and very bad for heidi. why isn't dr. drew worried about heidi?