Monday, January 18, 2010

Rally on Martin Luther King Day

Today is Martin Luther King Day. A time perhaps to reflect on this great hero of liberty, who refused to just accept laws that were unjust, who inspired millions with his speeches, and who composed one of the great paeans to freedom of the 20th century.

How are you celebrating the life of this great man who fought so hard against injustice?

Well, if you're in Universal City today, you can go down and protest the way NBC is treating Conan O'Brien.
We're live at Universal Studios in Hollywood, where Conan O'Brien supporters are gathering -- in the rain -- to protest NBC's mistreatment of their giant, red-headed late night hero.
Following the link in the previous paragraph will take you to TMZ's live coverage of the, um, protest. But even if you're not in the LA area, you can still make your stand against injustice; there are also rallies in Chicago, New York, and Seattle.

Really. This is going on today. Martin Luther King Day.

Also, as you might have heard, there is a terrible humanitarian crisis going on in Haiti.

But these people are really riled up over the treatment of Conan O'Brien.
A settlement in the protracted negotiations between NBC and Conan O’Brien to end the talk show host’s seven-month stint at “The Tonight Show” was said to be imminent on Sunday night, with all of the basic elements of the deal hammered out and both sides eager to be finished with it.
The financial terms include a payment of about $40 million by NBC, though Mr. O’Brien would not personally receive all of that. A portion would go to staff members who have contracts of their own, one representative said.

The agreement is also expected to allow Mr. O’Brien to work again in television by September, if not sooner. Though no talks have been held with any potential suitors, executives at the Fox network have publicly expressed interest in talking to Mr. O’Brien once he is legally free to do so.
Wow. I'm glad there are people willing and brave enough to take to the streets on his behalf.

Really-- brave:
The 'I Am With COCO' rally in Los Angeles, despite the sheets of rain and whipping wind, is going strong. Over 100 fans have showed up in support of the late night talk show host with signs, umbrellas and an extraordinary amount of enthusiasm.

Conan O'Brien and the Tonight Show have got to be watching out their windows.

A simple supportive honk from a passing car gets the fans screaming from the sidewalks. The audience wants COCO to stay on the late night talk show and being wet won't detour them from voicing an opinion. People are chanting. People are screaming. And people are demanding that Conan stay in the Tonight Show late night seat.

Dressed in rain slickers with signs wrapped in plastic wrap, it appears the 12pm rally of the COCO didn't do anything but make it all the more obvious that people really like the late night talk show. Seriously can Leno say the same?
Yes, take that, Leno-- do you have fans who won't let being wet "detour" them from taking a stand on your behalf?

This is really happening today.

If Martin Luther King were alive today... How would he feel about the treatment of Conan O'Brien by NBC?

MLK pic source.


shampoo said...

this is just... (grr)

shampoo said...

I wish martin luther king jr. was still alive... maybe he could talk some sense into people. he could have an hour long show right after the news...