Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sandra Bullock Top Money-Making Star of 2009

According to something called the Quigley Publishing Company's 78th Annual Poll of (Motion Picture?) Exhibitors, Sandra Bullock was the top money-making movie star of 2009.

The Quigley Poll, conducted each year since 1932, is an annual survey of motion picture theatre owners and film buyers, which asks them to vote for the ten stars that they believe generated the most box-office revenue for their theatres during the year. It has been long regarded as one of the most reliable indicators of a Star's real box-office draw because the selections are done by people whose livelihood depends on choosing the films that will bring audiences to their theatres.

Ms Bullock won because she appeared in three films this year: "The Proposal," "The Blind Side," and "All About Steve." "The Proposal" made just over $163M according to wikipedia, which is a decent amount of money. "The Blind Side" is still in release, and has just passed $200M. That is also a decent amount of money.

I admit I had not heard of "All About Steve." Apparently it made about $34M.

One of the films that helped Sandra Bullock become the top money-making star of 2009.

So her movies made $400M this year, and counting. Sounds like a good choice for number one. What about number two?

Johnny Depp placed second this year based on "Public Enemies" and a small role in "The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus."

Wait-- what? "Public Enemies" and "The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus"? "PE" made less than $100M domestic, and "TIODP" has made less than $125,000. No, that is not a misprint. Less than $125,000 total. So Mr. Depp's two films together made less than one-fourth what Ms. Bullock's did.

That's a big drop from number one to number two. What about number three?

Matt Damon made his second appearance in the survey, placing #3 with 2009 roles in "Invictus" and "The Informant!"

Matt Damon for "Invictus" and "The Informant!"? "TI!" made about $33M, while "Invictus" has made about $27M. About $60M total. Another big drop.

Number four?

Although George Clooney, placing #4, has never won in his seven mentions in the Poll, he had an extremely productive year with "Up in the Air," "The Men Who Stare at Goats" and "Fantastic Mr. Fox"(voice).

"Up in the Air" has made about $31M and looks like it will probably be an Academy Awards contender, which will likely push its "cume" all the higher. "The Men Who Stare at Goats" made about $32M, and "The Fantastic Mr. Fox" has made about $19M. That's $82M as of right now, and "Up in the Air" is going to make more.

Number five:

Robert Downey Jr.'s performances in "Sherlock Holmes" and "The Soloist" helped him place #5.

"Sherlock Holmes" has passed $100M in less than ten days. I have no idea what "The Soloist" is, but it made about $32M. So Mr. Downey is at $135M and counting, and he's number five?

The choice of Bullock at number one makes sense. The rest of them, I just don't understand. Shouldn't it be either Downey or Clooney in number two, Depp four, and Damon five?

What about Mr. Avatar, James Cameron? That movie is making a lot of money.

Anyway on a semi-related note, I would like to name Erin Andrews the top page-view destination for my blog for 2009. I had three posts about her and they all got literally tens of thousands of hits. Thanks, Erin!

Erin Andrews contemplates her award for top page view making star of 2009.

Erin Andrews pic source.
All About Steve pic source.


A.Jaye said...

That's were I screwed up. If I had blogged about bottle blonde broadcast journalists I'd be getting tens of thousands of hits a day too. Instead I blog about the movies. Not mainstream movies - scary movies. As in who's Sandra Bullock? The chick from Speed? Man she must be old by now. George Clooney profitable? Do you believe Saddam had weopans of mass destruction? Was Johhny Depp a pirate again this year? Or was that last year?

Hollywood is smokes and mirrors. So's accounting. And PR. It's a rib.

Tens of thousands? Who is this Erin Andrews broad? Has she got anything to do with Tiger Woods?

Ricky Sprague said...

Ms. Andrews is an American style football "sideline reporter." There must be British style football "sideline reporters" over in England to compare with her. It's only too bad that Mr. Woods didn't have a fling with her, too. My Woods post got a lot of views, too.

And Hollywood is "magic." It is not "smoke and mirrors"-- that's just so... common.

shampoo said...

interesting that none of these people are heavily featured in the celeb rags. when they are, it's usually they're at a premier or something fairly normal.

the math seems weird in the rankings after #1, but maybe they took something else into account...?

A.Jaye said...

Ricky Sprague

Common? Me? I'm as common as a super genius. And no we don't have 'sideline reporters' (whatever the football that is) over here. And if we did they wouldn't be women.

Football - that's soccer to you - is a man's game. Don't beleive me? Check this out:

See you at the world cup. Sans Erin Andrews.

shampoo said...

are we going to the world cup? really? damn.

I don't watch any form of football, so I had no idea about these women. last I looked, the blond associated with football commentary was terry bradshaw (a former player).

erin is pretty. but, it's not her looks or job, it was people desperately searching for the hotel video. thankfully, they caught that guy.

that was a pretty big news story as erin works for a major network, so it's not like she's staying in seedy motels all alone.

(sigh) speaking of geniuses, I feel a sudden urge to check what kanye's doing.

Ricky Sprague said...

AJaye, no way did I mean to imply that YOU were common-- just using the "smoke and mirrors" when you clearly and actually meant to use the much more lovely and lyrical term "magic." As in, "the magic of Hollywood."

I know that football fans take their sport very seriously. I wouldn't in any way belittle anyone who enjoys it. Still-- don't you think having a blond on the sidelines interviewing players and coaches and talking about injuries might make the game a little more, um, photogenic?

shampoo, I don't think Terry Bradshaw qualifies as a "blond" anymore. That guy has almost no hair left.

A.Jaye said...

When the modern era of the premiership started Rupert Murdoch's Sky TV introduced cheerleaders.


The silly cows got booed off the pitch.

I prefer my blondes in performance magic. Not Hollywood. The other Hollywood.

shampoo said...

ricky sprague, lol. that's how long it's been... he still had a few strands left last time I looked. haha

i've known pretty girls who knew a LOT about football. I don't know about erin, but it's possible. or she could have john madden whispering in her ear via a headset.

I could see how some of the players might spare her an interview than some guy. I guess that's why they used to get ex-players for the whole "he's a legend of the game!" factor.

but, what do I know? I only recently found out rod stewart used to play football (soccer). that's the most interesting thing I have ever heard about rod stewart.

i went to a pro game once. the cheerleaders are fun. they are to occupy the crowd's interest during the ten zillion breaks in any game.

maybe the other football doesn't have so many breaks? I mean, there are no cheerleaders in hockey because the game rarely stops.