Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New When Falls the Coliseum Posting -- Defending "Dear John" Against a Vicious Attack by Roger Ebert

In my latest When Falls the Coliseum posting, I bravely take Roger Ebert to task over his two star review of the new hit film "Dear John." It's devastating.

A snippet:

The great tragedy of first love is that it is inevitably lost love. The youth that gives the body its vitality has a wonderfully sad side effect: emotional exuberance. Yet, that youth is fleeting. As you mature you become a different person, and that first love gradually becomes someone who’s living with a leper on the other side of the world. It’s part of growing up, and we’re as powerless to stop it as we are to stop the ongoing decay of the bitter cynic who has forgotten what it is like to feel that first love — whose heart has shriveled into a ball of cold detritus, rendered malodorous by decay and disappointment.

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shampoo said...

"cold detrius, rendered malodorous" haha, I love it. :)

back in the day when I worked in da bizness (nothing exciting) I saw "thumbs up" from ebert on sooooo many awful movies (and I do mean AW-FUL) that I can't take him seriously.