Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Nicole Eggert on "Celebrity Fit Club" Has Put Me in a Melancholic Mood. More Melancholic than Usual, I Mean.

I am of a certain age, just slightly younger than the actress Nicole Eggert, that I can remember having a very serious crush on her when I was a young, hopeful child. She might have been the first actress I thought about in that way; you know the way I mean.

And why not? Look at her:

I actually watched a handful of episodes of the monstrosity that was "Charles in Charge" because of her. And I watched maybe three episodes of "Baywatch". Even I had my limits.

But that woman was hot.

My crush developed at a time when I was so full of hopeful possibility. I could have done anything, or at least I thought I could. I was going to have it all -- the fame, the money, the clear skies and the easy living. I probably even thought that I had a chance with Ms. Eggert, even though I was just a gork living in the hinterlands.

Now look at me. Where is the fame? Where is the money? What the hell happened to me? If the kid I was back then, the one who had a crush on Nicole Eggert, could see me now, he'd be disgusted with me.

This weekend, I happened to catch a couple of episodes of the new season of "Celebrity Fit Club" that had been sitting on the DVR. And who did I see? (As if you couldn't guess from the title of this post):

That's right. My old crush, Nicole Eggert.

Did she think she'd end up on a VH1 reality show featuring out of shape celebrities burning their pants and being chased by dogs (not at the same time)? Does she look back at her own life and career and wonder, just as I do?

Where is my Oscar? she might be thinking. Where is my trend-setting cable network drama?

Nicole, it's possible that neither of us are where we thought we'd be, but can we make a pact right this minute not to dwell on our past mistakes, and move forward with focus and a positive attitude?

You meant so much to me in my youth. At a time when I was so hopeful, you were a part of that. A totally unattainable fantasy, but a part nonetheless. I want us to both be happy. Maybe you drink slightly too many empty calories, and maybe I spend too much time watching bad reality television and reading gossip blogs.

But we're better than this, Nicole. Let's pull ourselves out of this, together.

First Nicole Eggert pic source.
Second Nicole Eggert pic source.


Anonymous said...

Get a room already!

shampoo said...

I hope nicole meets her goal... but, she's obviously undereaten most of her life. at a certain point, that stops working and it's really difficult to get past that. but, I think she's been through a lot lately. so, good luck to her.

they poured the vodka out... wouldn't a couple of shots have less calories than a few glasses of wine or beer? I never have done any diet drinking, but it seems logical...

A.Jaye said...

In the 90s before reality TV there was Hollywood Women. It's the first production from that currently makes Bridezillas. To give you the idea of the tenor. That's the first time I saw Nicole Eggert. She was talking about her boob job.

She was fat then.

Ricky Sprague said...


Are you sure it was the same Nicole Eggert, AJaye?

shampoo said...

I don't know what she looked like, but nicole's imbd page lists a 94 episode of "hollywood women."

I don't think she ALWAYS has a weight problem based on other photos on her page.

shampoo said...

her daughter was on today's episode. she was probably pregnant on that episode of "hollywood women."

Ricky Sprague said...

Yeah, I caught it tonight. And how sad that she claims her daughter, a little girl, is her sole support system.

She really needs a good friend.

shampoo said...

I think nicole tries to be strong and keep her troubles to herself. maybe her friends will come to her now and offer their support.