Monday, February 22, 2010

Philip K Dick's "Climategate" novel

That is the title of my latest "When Falls the Coliseum" piece- it can be found here.

A bit from my intro:

For me, one of his best works is the novel The Penultimate Inconvenient Truth, which is the story of a conspiracy among scientists and various world governments to convince people that the planet’s temperature (”planetemp”) is rising. In fact, there is little evidence of this — the scientists and governments are just using it as an excuse to consolidate power. The first chapter, reprinted below, is so prescient that it almost feels like it could have been written today, just now, by me, as a satire. Except for all those classic Phildickian terms, of course[.]

It's satirical! It's parody! It's a parody of Philip K Dick, and a satire of climategate!

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