Sunday, February 21, 2010

Really? THIS is What Got Scotty Lago Kicked out of the Olympics?

I care about the Olympics not at all, and the winter olympics even less, so I have been paying little attention to what is going on in them. But wesmirch has had this story about some punk kid snowboarder or something named Scotty Lago who was kicked out of the olympics for posing for some "racy" pictures.

The pictures can be seen above. Seriously - those are the pictures that got this kid kicked out of the Olympic village:
If Scotty Lago didn't volunteer to leave the Olympics, he'd have been told to leave by the U.S. Olympic Committee ... this according to sources close to Lago.

Lago offered up an apology after a mildly suggestive photo of him -- using his bronze medal for snowboarding to score chicks -- popped up on the Internet. He agreed to leave the Olympic Village on his own accord, but sources close to Lago tell TMZ he received an ultimatum from the U.S. Olympic Committee: either say you're sorry and go ... or get ejected from the Olympic Village.
TMZ at least concedes that the pictures are "mildly" suggestive. I suppose that one of them, in which the woman is biting the medal as it hovers ever near the snowboarder's crotch, might be considered suggestive by extremely prudish people, but come on. It's so thoroughly bizarre as to be more surreal than sexy.

Will "bite my medal" become the new slang for fellatio?

Or am I missing the real point - that it's a BRONZE medal that is being bitten. Would it have been less offensive were it a silver, or a gold?

But as it turns out, being kicked out of the olympic village might be a real punishment. The total cost of the village could approach $1 billion:
The city [Vancouver] admits that, including financing, the budget could skyrocket from an original $750 million projected in 2007 to $996 million by 2013.

The report cited a litany of problems in the earliest planning stages of the project. It said the city didn't fully investigate the ability of developers to build the village at the price promised. Regular reports weren't made updating financing or construction progress. And a variety of costs weren't included in original budget estimates.

"Obviously the city will have to manage this project very carefully in the years to come to gain back what was invested by taxpayers," said Mayor Gregor Robertson.

Robertson said the city would wait until next spring to sell the majority of the project's 750 housing units.

"The strategy now is to hold until next May, to let the project get the massive exposure of the 2010 Games," Robertson said.

The city was forced to finance the project last fall after the original lender stopped payment on its loan to the developers.
For that kind of scratch, that must be a hell of a place. Vancouver taxpayers are to be congratulated for spending so much money for it.

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