Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Blow Proudly

When you’ve got a cold, learning to take pride in the little things can go a long way toward helping you feel better. The satisfaction derived from a very successful nose blowing is but one example.

I’m talking about when you have the sniffles, and it feels as if there’s only a small amount of fluid in your sinuses. Perhaps you think, “If I blew my nose every time I sniffled, I’d run out of tissue; I’ll wait until I’ve got a lot of phlegm.” But then you have to blow your nose anyway, perhaps because you’re preparing for an important board meeting, or a date, and when you do…


You feel that hard onrush of phlegm from deep inside your sinuses, the forgotten parts of your head hot as teenaged love and smooth as silk, and feel the liberated matter as it explodes into the tissue in a gush that is surprising in its amount and duration, exactly the temperature of your own warm body, if only for an instant, before it begins the cooling process that will eventually cause it to congeal and harden.

You’re overcome with a feeling of contentment, followed by a brief period of drowsiness, and then satisfaction. That satisfaction comes first from the knowledge that you’ve removed from your body something that was contributing to your illness, but it’s much more than that.

There is also an undeniable pride that comes from knowing it came out of you. Your head is relatively small, considering all its contents: brains, eyes, nose, mouth, sinuses, skull, blood, teeth, gums, hair, and your soul. So how on earth did all that yellow mucus get into your head, and where had it been hiding? It’s a mystery that reminds you of just how wonderful your body is, even when you’re sick.

So to those afflicted by colds, let’s raise a toast, and blow proudly.

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