Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bon Jovi Pushing "Volunteerism" at His Concerts

Imagine you like the music of Bon Jovi. Imagine you go to one of his concerts. Imagine that at said concert you're given a lecture on "volunteerism" by Mr. Jovi. That is apparently going on right now, and it's the subject of my latest "When Falls the Coliseum" piece, which can be read here.

Brief excerpt:
I think it’s obvious that anyone who would willingly attend a Bon Jovi concert is in desperate need of direction as to how to spend his free time, but that video is liable to confuse Mr. Jovi’s fans. For one thing, Mr. Jovi begins his lecture by stating that he is “a big believer in the power of ‘we,’” and then states “the reality is, we’re all in this together.” Okay, I get that. But the song playing underneath all this is “Living on a Prayer,” featuring the line “We’ve gotta hold on to what we’ve got.”

Doesn’t that undercut Mr. Jovi’s message of sharing? Given the current state of the economy, all I’ve got is time. And I’m holding on to it.
There is more, including some painful revelations from my own childhood. Read it and laugh, and be touched, and weep, and then laugh again. At me.

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