Friday, March 19, 2010

Figuring Out Country Music

I have a new piece up at When Falls the Coliseum, about modern country music, and my own attempt to write a country song. Sample:
There is a type of music that holds much appeal to the rural working person, also known as the people of the soil. It is called “country” music, exemplified by the likes of such classic performers as those who appeared on the television program “Hee Haw,” and of Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson. To be honest, this type of music is not my forte; my tastes tend toward whatever is being played in Starbucks, although I did purchase the Taylor Swift CD after Ken Tucker gave it a positive review on “Fresh Air” with Terry Gross.

The first time I popped that CD into the player, I was surprised at the reaction it received from my poodle bitch. She is a quite refined and at times aloof dog, yet she seemed enchanted by the melodies. She listens to it quite often now.

But my real “country music” education began this week, when I was forwarded an email containing a link to a charming “youtube” video featuring an otherwise adorable young child “rocking it out” to a song entitled “Boots On,” originally recorded by someone called Randy Houser.
All of it can be read here. It's a bit long-ish. And hilarious-ish.

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shampoo said...

they used to play that horrible song you mentioned at the grocery store. (shudder)

basically, modern country music is pop music for people who like pop music from 10-20 years ago. only now they have added steel guitars and (mostly fake) southern accents (i call it the country music accent).