Friday, March 5, 2010

Hollywood Does Not Reward Originality

New post at When Falls the Coliseum, all about how Hollywood crushes the dreams of the dreamers of original dreams. You can read it here. A (delicious) taste:
For one thing, if ideas are so important in Hollywood, then why do they keep making movies based on books? This year alone you’ve got Alice in Wonderland, Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Iron Man 2, and a bunch of others. Also, why do they keep making movies based on old TV shows? What — you think they’re not? Hello, there is a movie version of The A-Team coming out this summer, and there will soon be a movie of Gilligan’s Island. Also, they make movies based on old toys. Transformers and G.I. Joe were only the beginning. There’s also going to be a Stretch Armstrong movie. And if you think that’s bad, there will also be movies based on board games like Monopoly and Battleship. More like “Monotony” and “Battleshit,” if you ask me.
Hilarious and sad, just like life!

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shampoo said...

i have finally figured out there is a certain segment of the movie-going public that wants to be able to guess the movie beforehand and if they are presented with anything they didn't expect they are displeased. i think these people are often part of focus groups. just a theory. hehe