Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Is Tiger Woods a Criminal?

That is the provocative question asked in my latest post at When Falls the Coliseum-- it's all about Tiger Woods's latest alleged mistress, pornographic film actress Devon James.

Opening bit:
Former presidential candidate and great American hero John Edwards based at least one of his campaigns on the unfairness of the “two Americas“– that there was “one America” for rich people like him, who could basically do whatever they wanted and get away with it, because they were rich; and another “America” for poor people who had to take it when rich people like John Edwards screwed them over. Mr. Edwards had a vision to combine these “two Americas” into one America, where everyone would screwed over equally by John Edwards.

So far and unfortunately, Mr. Edwards’s vision has gone unfulfilled. And one need look no further for evidence than the Tiger Woods incident(s).
Rest here.

I had to start out with John Edwards, because I just had such a hard time working up the indignation, however feigned, that was required to write this particular post. But trust me, it's about Tiger Woods.

And pornographic film star Devon James, of course.

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