Saturday, March 6, 2010

RE: Mickey Rourke and 14 Women in One Night

The Sun has a story in which Mickey Rourke, star of Angel Heart and the upcoming Iron Man 2, claims to have slept with 14 women in one night.
"Forget Ashley Cole, his behaviour has nothing on a film star. WAGs get an easy time - they should try living with Hollywood hellraisers.

"I once spent a weekend in the UK and had 14 women in one night."
The above is a quote attributed to Mr. Rourke by the Sun. I have never met him, so I don't know if he really talks like that -- but do you think he does? Does he really use Britishisms like "WAGs"? Does he really spell "behavior" with that superfluous "u"?

As for the 14 women in one night, we get little on the logistics. Was this all at once? If so, he might only have kissed most of them, and penetrated only a few. The more people involved, the less direct contact you have with each participant. There might have been some women at this event who didn't even realize that Mr. Rourke was in the room.

How many of those women were "satisfied" by him?

This same article that quotes Mr. Rourke as saying he "had 14 women in one night" then adds:
He is a regular at London clubs and was caught chatting up 18-year-old PIXIE LOTT - unsuccessfully - at Mahiki last year.

He also tried to bed ABI TITMUSS after last year's Baftas and approached married Brit actress THANDIE NEWTON.

He went on a five-night bender in London in September and was seen with a variety of different women.
Well, if he's a "regular at London clubs," maybe he has picked up a few Britishisms. But note please that the article is describing his unsuccessful attempts to pick up some strange, then adds that he was seen with a variety of different women. But was he successful with any of them?

What kind of publication is the Sun? Are they trying to make fun of Mr. Rourke? I think so, because check out how they close the article:
Were you one of Mickey's girls? Or do you know one? Call us right now on 0207 782 4104
You see how much faith the Sun has in Mr. Rourke's story? They're trying to get to the bottom of it by reaching out to the girls or friends of girls involved. That is the journalistic equivalent of passive aggression.

The ladies are apparently lining up for this guy -- so he says.

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shampoo said...

there is something in the constitution that americans cannot know acronyms associated with soccer. so, no, i don't believe mickey said that part.

i totally believe the 14 women in one night. mickey is a man ho.

now, like you said, there may have been 14 women in the room involved in sex acts of some sort, but the idea that he had a full sexual experience with all of them (or could count as high as 14, maybe he took them on in groups of 7?) ... i doubt that. but, this is something of which shampoo has no knowledge ... so i can't say for sure if that's even possible or not.