Friday, March 5, 2010

They Approve of Body Scanners in Airports, but They're Uncomfortable Using them?

Yahoo news has an article from the Christian Science Monitor about airport scanners that is as confusing as it is irritating.
Burbank, California – Waiting for her bags here at the Bob Hope International Airport baggage claim, Doris Kern is easily engaged on the subject of using body scanners to screen airline passengers.

“I will feel safer when more places use them,” says the mother of three. “But given the option, I’d rather take a pat down."
So, this woman quoted in the story will feel safer... when other people are being subjected to the intrusion of having a full-body scan done.

Apparently she's not alone in this thought:
Experts say – and polls concur – that the rollout of body scanners at US airport security checkpoints will not be accompanied by the strong public resistance met in Europe. A USA TODAY/Gallup Poll released in January found that 78 percent of respondents said they approved of using the scanners, and 67 percent said they are comfortable being examined by one.
78% of respondents don't mind the government taking pictures of other peoples' naked bodies; but only 67% said they're comfortable with the government taking the pictures of themselves.

Shouldn't those numbers be exactly the same? How can you say you're okay with the scanners, and then say you're not okay with the scanners?

Oh, I don't mind them using those things... just not on me. Use it on the guy with the beard who's talking funny.

If you don't want anyone taking a picture of you naked, then why would you be okay with forcing someone else to do it? That 11% is even worse than the 78%.

And since when are Europeans more skeptical of government intrusion into peoples' lives than Americans?

Anyway, if you're worried about the government taking pictures of you naked-- don't!
Passengers will have the option of accepting or declining a body scan. Those who do – and pass – will not have to pass through a metal detector or other security equipment. Those who decline must walk through a metal detector and submit to a pat down.
Of course, this isn't just the first step toward forcing everyone to submit to these things. I'm sure that we Americans will always have the option to decline having our naked photos taken. We can instead be groped by a TSA agent. That's so much more personal than a naked picture any day.

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shampoo said...

these body scanners are awful. I think they maybe asked a lot of people who are going to be doing the looking rather than the potentially looked at.

I do not want to hear any complaints from the airlines about people not wanting to fly any more.

next you'll have to fly naked with no luggage. why don't they just tie everyone up when they're on the plane? it's about as disrespectful.