Friday, March 19, 2010

While You Were Sleeping with a (Possible) White Supremacist

Sandra Bullock is an attractive, talented woman that any man in his right mind would be terribly happy to have as a wife. And yet, her husband, a fellow with the unfortunate name "Jesse James," apparently cheated on her.

I'm shocked!

Actually, I am feigning shock. I am not shocked at all. This Jesse James fellow is rich and famous, and was so before he married Ms. Bullock. Wikipedia tells us that he has hosted at least two different television shows, Monster Garage, and the unfortunately-named Jesse James is a Dead Man (I admit I didn't really know who he was). And as everyone knows, men who are wealthy and have the opportunity tend to sleep with women. Even if they're already married. Even if they're married to a talented, attractive, Academy Award-winning movie actress. I have already written about it here, in the context of Tiger Woods's current issues. The great show "South Park" just did an episode about it this week (you can watch said episode here-- it's pretty funny).

(Aside: Did they rip me off? I bet they read my blog!)*

It's not that the talented and attractive Ms. Bullock wasn't talented and attractive enough for Mr. James, it's just that she wasn't... tattooed and fetishist enough.

Anyway, wealthy famous man cheats on his wife. That is the least surprising thing I've ever heard, and it's not even worth writing or thinking about. But. This story has an interesting wrinkle, as we're just finding out.

The woman with whom Mr. James had his ("alleged"?) affair is, possibly and allegedly, a white supremacist. Her name is Michelle McGee, although she apparently calls herself "Bombshell." She is a fetish model. According to People magazine:
America's sweetheart, she ain't. Michelle McGee is covered in tattoos – one on her forehead reads, "Pray for Us Sinners" – works as a stripper, chats and poses on an adult Web site, and uses a lewd phrase for her Twitter page. Her nickname is "Bombshell."

A San Diego-based tattoo model, McGee claimed to have had a months-long affair with Jesse James, the husband of recent Oscar-winner Sandra Bullock.
Other online photos of McGee show her in various semi-nude poses. In one, she's eating candy hearts from a pink dog bowl; one on the home page of her Web site shows her standing in heels and underwear in a coffin. Another photo shows her getting one of her buttocks tattooed.
But some say there's another side to her. On her Twitter page, which has an unprintable moniker, in between posts about stripping at the Platinum club in San Diego, are reference s to her children. People have said she spoke of two sons who she doted on.

"She was very down-to-earth, very friendly ... very easy to talk to and very likable," says Rich Peterson, owner of Konformity Clothing, for which McGee modeled in exchange for clothes, including some in child sizes, apparently for her kids.

Danielle Medrano, founder of, says McGee mentioned after a photo session last summer that she was dating James.

"She definitely told me they had good chemistry and they got along really well and he was super duper sweet," says Medrano. But what McGee most talked about were her own children.
As is suggested by People magazine's article, fetish models occasionally pose for some shall we say interesting pictures. Eating from dog bowls, standing in coffins, that kind of thing. Some people are into that, and they're willing to pay money to see a heavily-tattooed woman engaging in it. To each his own, I guess.

Michelle "Bombshell" McGee, in a contemplative mood.

But according to TMZ, which has the pictures, Ms. McGee also posed for some Nazi ("fetish"?) pictures:
The woman who reportedly had an affair with Sandra Bullock's husband, Jesse James, has another bombshell to drop -- a full scale Nazi photo shoot.

TMZ has obtained the shocking photos of Michelle McGee, which were taken almost a year ago. We're told the Nazi-themed layout -- complete with a swastika armband and backdrop -- was the photographer's idea, but that Michelle was very enthusiastic.
You can visit TMZ to check out the pictures. They are worrying, to say the least.

But, again, she is a fetish model. She doesn't necessarily have to endorse the philosophy behind the particular fetish, she just has to pose, get her money, and move on with her life.

The TMZ article mentions that her ex-husband alleges that Ms. McGee might actually be a white supremacist. Radar online has more about that.
Modica also charges about his ex wife: “There are coffins in the living room and child block magnets on the refrigerator that spell out White Power…her other son Elijah is Jewish and she thinks it’s funny that she makes the Nazi salute.”

Michelle claims in court papers that Modica has been violent with her and obtained a temporary restraining order on Feb. 22, 2008, as this court battle has raged for years.

According to Modica, Michelle is bipolar and “has also been dating gang members, one of whom showed up at my doorstep in I suppose a way to intimidate me.”

He goes on to say in his declaration: “I believe that Michelle is mentally ill and should be in the care of a therapist which the court ordered her to see, but she refuses to do so. She is supposed to take medication for bi polar disorder but she doesn’t.”
Ms. McGee also has the letter "W" on her left leg, and "P" on her right-- it's alleged that these letters stand for "white power." Of course, they could stand for anything. She could just be a really big fan of "The Thin Man" star William Powell, for instance.

Or probably not.

Anything in the ex-husband's court papers should be taken with a grain of salt; after all, they are in a custody battle, she got a restraining order against him, and it's obvious that this is an acrimonious fight that they're having.

But it doesn't look good for Ms. McGee. I suppose if some fetish pictures of her posing with a Jewish person, or a person of color, suddenly appear, we'll know for sure that the whole "Nazi photoshoot" thing was just another job. Until then... yikes.

But this brings up a larger question, and I direct it to the men out there. Would you turn down the chance to sleep with a woman you find physically attractive, if you disagreed with her personal beliefs? I mean, you are really, really attracted to this woman. Physically, she is super hot. But you find her "philosophy of life" to be abhorrent.

And where do you draw the line? After all, a lot of truly horrible things have been done in the name of religion. Would you therefore refuse to sleep with a woman because of the crusades? If you're a hardcore democrat, and you think that republican ideas are turning this country into a cesspool of environmental filth and hopeless societal decay, do you say no to that republican hottie?

I've always said that, because I'm such a crackpot, that I don't hold anyone's politics or religion against them when deciding whether or not to date them. I've slept with democrats, republicans, socialists, communists, christians, jews. I actually haven't slept with any muslims, that I know of-- because I haven't met that many of them. I'm an anti-authoritarian atheist, and there apparently aren't enough of those to go around.

But I've done pretty well for myself, let me tell you.

Ahem, anyway I guess a lot of it might have to do with the circumstances under which you discovered this information. Do both of you have your pants off, and she all of a sudden comes out with "Oh, by the way.."? Or do you learn this during the furious text-message courtship that seems to be a part of these scenarios? Or do you learn this from checking out her fetish pictures online?

The question is made cloudier by the fact that Mr. James is a rich celebrity and could presumably have his pick of women. He's not some nameless jerk like me. I mean, somebody like me has far fewer prospects, and has that biological imperative to spread his seed as much as he can. He can't be too choosy. Mr. James could afford to "shop around."

He knew exactly what he wanted. He wanted Ms. McGee. He didn't have to settle. And really, when you look at Ms. McGee, and look at Ms. Bullock-- could those two women be any different? He was tired of stable and attractive. He wanted to "walk on the wild side." With, um, a nazi tattoo fetish model who might be a white supremacist.

*I bet they don't, actually.

Michelle Bombshell McGee pic source.
Sandra Bullock pic source.


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