Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Five Greatest Environmental-Themed Films of All Time

In honor of James Cameron releasing his film Avatar on Earth Day this year, I have been inspired to compile my own list of the five greatest environmental-themed films of all time.

Tree Friends: Trees are our second most precious resource, after children, but children are humans and humans are ruining the environment. So trees are our most precious resource. Tree Friends is the story of two trees who happen to be friends. They live in perfect harmony with one another, for the most part. It is a tale of forgiveness and sharing.

Polish Alarm Clock: In these troubling times, it's vitally important that we learn to live together with our animal friends. In harmony. Polish Alarm Clock, which was I believe made in Poland in 1967 by an obscure Polish animator (as if there's any other kind of Polish animator!) tells the story of a man who lives in harmony with his animal brothers. It is both moving and powerful.

Ricky's Cat in Save Room for Dessert: It's vitally important that we learn not to waste anything. All of our resources are precious resources, and limited. That is why the message of this film is so important. It encourages the viewer to eat everything in his bowl, because great sacrifices were made to ensure that whatever you're eating made it to your table. Powerful film.

Bed Shittin' Rich: This is a film about shitting in your bed.

Stumpy Claus Christmas Special: In this film, the character of Stumpy Claus teaches a little girl a valuable lesson about making the most of the resources you've already got, and of wasting nothing, not even waste. A moving, powerful film.

Can I just tell you how moving and powerful I think these films are? They really are, and I hope you agree. Why not show how much you appreciate the earth by watching each one of these films? Twice.

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Bed Shittin... hmmmmmmm... really?